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Amber [Amber + The Greatest Hits] (Amber) · Go Out in a Scum Dream (Scum Rats) · Scum [20th Anniversary Edition] (Napalm Death) · Scum (Napalm Death) · North American Scum (LCD Soundsystem) · North American Scum [Single] (LCD Soundsystem) · Anthems Against Scum (Angelic Upstarts) · The Destruction of Commercial Scum (Waco Jesus) · From Enslavement/Scum (Napalm Death) · Scum (The Anti-Nowhere League) – and 90 other albums »

a gun
Go and take your anger out on every one
If your out of ammunition
Go and buy the sun, and read up on all the council housed and violent scum
with Quaalude on a pillowcase left on an ultimately cordial gesture
By the staff it's a bathhouse for brave soldiers 
Where they coordinate