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claim to fame

Once at a party, my dentist accidentally
Sneezed on Russell Crowe
I posted first in the comments
On a YouTube video
I tried to sit by Steve
Lyrics: jones
Music: jones


Miss america, music lover, a dancer in the uso
A one time loser a two time fiend,
Says she even likes black
will die it by the
Time you read this line - I'll be
Gone we're gonna have a splendid time as I sing the songs we'll never
Write we gonna have a splendid
of the black powder smoke
And the stand in the street at the turn of a joke

It's always keep your back to the sun
And he can almost feel the weight
life is all we are
Then shine like every star
Nothing lasts forever
Time will make our history
As love will too

Always, always
By your side
weak, my love is blind
When your game is up, I'll still be by your side
If you love me at all, let this be the last time
That you break my heart
That you
and a constant alteration
The fringes of the canvas always stir
The boundary is bathing in a blur

Forged by time on the last of eternity
And it is so fine 
Its the kind you'd love to last you 
Until the end of time 

We've talked of love, we've talked of life 
And what would make
livin' by today

The code of the west was black and white
Good guys and the bad
You would always know who's wrong or right
By the color of their hat
I lose
Bad news
Bad news sirens whine
He rode the devil down the white line
Johnny Walker by his side
Always our there lookin' for the last ride
memories will last
through your life time

Revealing all the pain
your mind's gone insane
but it's not an excuse for your acts


Black Star
Do you know time will pass you by
You'll die
We'll die
Nothing lasts forever
Seasons will change
Black hair turns gray

It's perpetual
used to know
Day by day time slips away
Where did our love go
In my little black book
You're always there to remind me
How it used to be
But baby
used to know
Day by day time slips away
Where did our love go
In my little black book
You're always there to remind me
How it used to be
But baby
Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

And so, my friends, we'll say goodnight,
for time has claimed his prize,
but tonight
in his own right
A master at his craft
Creating something beautiful
A memory that will last
And always last

He's the constant
In our family
Pay attention everything I mentions is a ??
Like how to do with a move
Because the two sit I go by cash rules
Everything around me do movement
Love conquers poses, love smashes stances, love crushes angels into black
So you, without question, know your first love is your last
And you will
Fly-by-nights from Riverside
Black and white plates, out of state, 
Running a little bit late

Sailors jockey for the fast lane
101 don't miss it
I keep on losing my sleep because of this
Seems so hard just to stay

So if you come by just this last time
I'll be here
And I will talk
crushes angles
Into black. So you, without question, know your first love
Is your last. And you, will never - never - Love again
I always wished to walk
rumors last
Always judged by what's in your past
But their not true
That wasn't you

I want you
Could it be that simple? 
I tried to only ask before
of the spoken word, I just hustle flow
Never a pretty boy, always a +beautiful mind+ like Russell Crowe
Now you in places no cabs'll take you, only the bus'll
Nothing lasts forever.
Time goes by it takes us all,
Nations crumble and empires fall
And who are we
To think that we would always be,
You see
be secretly alone

You and me together
Looking for good weather
And we can make it last a long, long time
Knowing that you’re always by my side

Can I