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Every time you call, I'll be there to swab away the fears.
If you want me to stand by you, I'll be your defense.
You were on the phone in a heap
knows just where to find me
But when the clouds come into view

I know wherever the road goes
I will always find my way
I know wherever the road goes
So tired
Soul searching
I followed the sounds to a cathedral
Imagine my surprise to find that they were produced by Brian Eno

Past the gates
Ten minutes after I'm dead.
One of you denies me.
One of you betrays me.


No! Who would?! Impossible!


Peter will deny
Peter will deny my in just a few hours.
Three times will deny me,
And that's not all I see.
One of you here dining,
One of my twelve chosen
We won't find our happy ever after here
There's no such thing

I've dreaded this talk for so long
I knew someday, you'd wonder what went wrong
the stars that shine
Here's hoping she will be
Always standing here by me 

Gonna tell the whole world over
Now I found the one I love
Gonna praise
the story of my life

And remember if we find you back in the kingdom
You will be executed

I always dreamed I'd get a happy ending
And this right here
Written by peter green.

If you are the one to temp me
I am tempted
When it's my turn to speak out
I am empty

When love comes to me this way
I am
wait to ride that train to glory
And see St. Peter at the pearly gates
But for me, God's embrace
Is the Last Best Place

I will sing by His grace
keeps you by my side
Through everything, through all the times we disagree
You keep loving me

Seems that love always finds a reason
To keep me here
And you could say I was born beneath the ceiling made of glass
But I always kept an open house
And yeah I always did right by my friends
And when it
When you leave me behind
You find that the years passed us by

When you get out of here
When you leave me behind
You find that those years passed us
of freedom.
Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
Don't try to tear me apart; cold winter dreams
Words & Music by
to blaze a new trail of your own

I know you'll travel light, like you always do
But you'll always take a part of me with you

Here's hopin' there's
Come and take me
Take me by the hand
Show me
Here I am, baby

It always ends up this way
Me begging you every day
A love that I cannot have
Now I realise

It's here, looking me in the eye
It's here, here all the time
It's here, I've always tried to find a way to go
'There's a place for us, somewhere a time and a place.' 

So here we are together
Just you and me
Sitting side by side
Don't know why
With time
find us if we hide. 
Love will find us when we try. 

Smile with me. 
Summer's here and we'll agree, by and by, 
With the summer sunlight in our
always be here,
Always be with you.
In this time

When you lay to sleep tell me the visions you see in the night.
When you turn around what kind
of the cabin
Camp floggnaw nigga you can tell by the badge
(Pass me my inhaler)
I'm sick of hacking and coughing, I'm often this fucking awesome
I'm animals,
the Peter Pan, the street credibility 
Always taking the point with the dawn patrol fraternity 
Sometimes it seems like I've been here before 
When I hear
Right here where you are
The fact that you keep trying
Is what sets you apart.
Help me find the reason
And I'll help you find the way
To get rid of all
Close to you
I will always stay
Close to you
Though you're far away
You'll always be near
As though you were here by my side
No matter where
right here by my side
When you look me in the eyes
I catch a glimpse of heaven
I find my paradise
When you look me in the eyes

How long will I be waiting