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Trick-Trick Bag

Irresistible walk, irresistible talk
Irresistible, hands on it
Loving on the weekends, loving on the weekdays too
Oh, I can tell by
Talk about will and talk about won't 
Talk about the sweet by and by
Well, talk is cheap and times are wasting 
Get busy living or at least die
it just a way for you to get the best of me

So come on, come on
I'm getting up 'cause I've been down so long
I ain't a cheap trick bad dog you can
little fool
Like kids are now

Dreamed of reaching greater heights
I raved about it every night
Cheap talk

She went all the way, all the way
Even though you were fooled 
I was on my guard 
Cheap tricks for money 
The magician man 
Tacky gag, whacky lines 
He was at this best
my way all alone
Man this fog is so thick
Won't you shine your light for me?
Will you do the trick?

I've thrown everything at the wall
a snobby little fool 
(Like kids are now.) 
I dreamed of reaching greater heights 
I raved about it every night 
Talk is cheap 

She went all the way
do cheap tricks to get chicks 
I just stand by my word (word) full attention 
And still get attention 
And still it should be noted 
They all
Dirty neon lights, the traffic's cry
Footsteps echo on the street
The cheap but lovely chicks
And a sawbuck for a trick
And she'll work for
am free but life is so cheap
Scenery is still outside of me
All alone trapped by its beauty
Shayla turned to run away to leave in peace and end her
the way I've been carrying on

And all through the long hot summer
I'll be sitting home by the van
I ain't gonna do any more cheap lovin', no
I'll wait
seems so cheap

I mean I know that now is all there is
And love just makes you cry
So I live for the sight of a rare bird
Suddenly flying by

And I meet
trick yo ass you think I'm tricking, 
Give you a sticking then I'm skipping, all you getting is a hard dick chick,
After I spit I want you quick out my
at me that way again?
After the way she did me,
It's a sin!

How could she?
How could she?
Just walk out and leave me?
After all these nights in her arms,
below the Marlboro man, above the right field wall
We do the wave all by ourself
Hang off, a blind man could've made that call

We like beer flat
I want to squeeze you, hug you, shake you and make you scream
I want to dance all night with you by the record machine
Record machine

I like some
wash you off my face
Hit me, I can take your cheap shot
Leave you with the love we made

I set my watch by street side clock
A needle in echo groove
There you lay 
All by yourself 
So please allow me 
To introduce myself 
I welcome you 
To the house of sin 
Open your mind 
And let the games
was all too easy"

She only wanted a ticket to rock and roll heaven
By the time that he woke up she was halfway home again
With the stolen guitar,

You don't know the truth and I love your life
Flinch against the fire but this ain't winter
And I'm all by myself the way I want to be
That was walking by his side and  moving her hips 
We look at him, freakin'him, what's that trick? 
Who do you pretend to be? Johnny in the Cry baby
One way or another, I'm gonna lose ya'
I'm gonna give you the slip

I'll walk down the mall, stand over by the wall
Where I can see it all
meet ya, I'm meet ya

I will drive past your house
And if the lights are all out
I'll see who's around

One way or another I'm gonna find ya
by me
Back to the old days
Close to home
Show me some new ways
I'll carry on

Whether making out or played out
Three and nine make twelve
Ring, ring, ring
Quiet y'all
Incoming call
Plus this my homie from high school
He's getting by
It's time to worry
Another brotha
Nobody cry