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Times have changed, 
It's plain to see 
Things just aren't like they used to be 
Blink your eyes 
and life may pass you by 
Too much happening
the small things, blink 182
Baby, after all its said and done, all I want is you
And I know you want me too girl its written on your face
If the myans were
have come and gone, but just where has it brought me

In the blink of an eye
Seems like minutes as the years fly by
In the blink of an eye
and play

She sat by his side, and watched the years fly by
He looked so fragile, he looked so small
And she wondered why he was still alive at all

I grew up in a small town
Wheat fields for a downtown kind of place
There was really not much around
You blink and you miss it

I never knew what
phenomenal 'cause when it come to havin' a hit imma have another one.
Blink 182 times when you the Twista with Travis, madness

Kind of like a savage, grab
when it come to havin' a hit imma have another one.
Blink 182 times when you the Twista with Travis, madness

Kind of like a savage, grab it and murder
We can give you all keep watching feel tall - keep watching.
  We can make you all the things you ever wanted to be - keep watching.
  Don't blink
when my sweet thing is out tomocattin' around
He finds a sandbox like this to play

I want to tell all you barroom roses if my sweet thing does happen
as the pewter skies over North West Eleven

Excitement comes by subtle means
The satisfaction of routines
Small revenges at the office
Smug little victories

thing clear
Christmas isn't Christmas 'til you get here

Those sleigh bells ring, ring, ring
Whole romance blink, blink, blink
So many fairy lights
love all the things
That you do with each day
And it feels, so damn good
Every second that passes me by With the blink of an eye
It just feels, so
lights blink
Not a lot to worry about
There's more to this world than big city lights
A small town is where the stars really shine

happens feeling die
Whole years are lost in the blink of an eye
We once had it all but event conspired

Good morning sweet thing you're safe
Drawn together
Pain is rushed through
Slight of hand, blink
We won't go up in smoke
Things colliding
Love undying

[Chorus x2]
Like the rising
starting to blink

Like 182 this for fellas and the ladies who
Don't need to be spoon fed like baby food
I take a bite out the track like a Sabre-tooth
The pain has rushed through
Sleight of hand, blink
We won't go up in smoke
Things colliding, love undying

Like the rising tide
Beating hearts grow but never
It's like a dream to me
All the things that I see
Oh ho ho it starts from something small
Yeah I am the man now
It's like a dream to me
let her keep dreaming.

This is the season of a lifetime passing you by.
The fat man is singing oh oh oh
The best things are always gone in
This thing called "Life" goes by so quickly
On day you're here and then you're gone
This is the moment I've lived my whole life for
And I'll never
your arms
Spoon-feed my heart and

Drip by drip
I'll take it all
Sip by sip
I guess that it's
Make or break
Boy here and now

We're caught in
on the blink 
I thought a page, like it's written in ink 
When I remember distant days 
I remember many things, but 
Most of all, I remember the sun
you, it's all in the game

Soon he, soon he will be there
With a small, a small bouquet, he will

And he will kiss your lips
And caress you, just like
A turn of the page with a blink of your eye
Our two steps in rhythm our hearts beatin' time
On the inside it all happened on the inside it all went down
as a grain of sand, the blink of an eye
We're all thinking, feeling, surviving, believing
In what we think is right, refract distorted light
You helped