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High notes
I'll have you singing high notes
Marques Houston mattress bu
Mattress, sheets, bed
Pillows, feet, head
Stomach, toes

Trying to mess with my concentration
Don't even have a clue of what I'm facing
All you know you need to stop it
Defaming my name for a profit
the pound, Whitney by the key
DJ Screw by the gallon, bitch the game belong to me

Man I pull up in your city and get my Bush on
Lay down the competition, take
and the places I know
I just need a new start, oh, the seas, they must part
I am finally ready to go

From Houston I'm moving tonight
I've got to pick up
can't get enough of Whitney Houston
And I'm thinking 'Lord, that's all I need to know'

So when the night was over, I walked her to her door
And I bid
the red sunset
She was right and I've learned my lesson
Here on out, I'm a man on a mission

Houston, we have a problem
If you can put a man
I do and you might make me proud
Another Houston Kid
On a downhill skid for crying out loud

I'm a first hand witness to an age old crime
A man
Whitney now picture me fuckin'
Pullin' your ponytail smackin' you on the ass
Tellin' you how (I can take you all around the world)
That nigga can't do it
understands me, 
My understanding ?Candy?
And ?Candy??s always handy
When I need sympathy
I wish that there were four of him/her
So I could love much more
we can make love your way
I'm talking about

You and me and some flowers and some wine, instantaneous
You and me and Whitney Houston (on the radio,
Only cause Im paid, I'm fucking all of Jade
And my DJ Zhane she likes it when they say
Everybody move your body
Got Whitney Houston boosting
Mom, she be cryin holdin on to her purse sayin... (oh...)

What y'all thought I was too busy writin songs with Whitney Houston
Cuz "My Love's
I got bobby by the pound Whitney by the key DJ Screw by the gallon b**** the game belong to me 
I got bobby by the pound Whitney by
all the girls with me
So I can be their baby tonight, like Whitney
Houston, producin' a style that make a smile
To make you say, "ooh child!"
that ***
But don't bite me, *** I don't play that ***

Marques Houston, I don't play that ***
By the time we got half way through watchin' 'Ray', I
drown all these haters, rest in peace to Whitney Houston
Cars, money, girls and the clothes
Aw man, you sold your soul
Naw man, mad people was frontin'
stepped out of the strip club
Made 5000 look like 50
I spend all my time in Houston, smoke that kush but I don't do Whitney
I don't do Britney, I don't
I left Houston, Texas on a gulf coast hurricane I was blowed down by a
Tornado washed up by the rain well my pappy wasn't happy with mehe told me
the victim then some am I 

Of your bad fun 
Money's all gone but you need some 
Lover's on the phone but the got none 
Daddy ain't home from the dog run
rippin' major venues
Like Whitney Houston like when I went to Houston
My father is from Texas, so next bust a rhyme for times
I felt it was no hope, but
name couldn't stay out her mouth
And I don't need to know if she just wanna join the team
Get down and kiss all up on my ring
I keep a Cadillac and I
Makin' hit records like Whitney Houston
With a mind of violence, right, I might
Blow the show teachers speakin' yo, I cut MP's
To release to each and be
-=Yukmouth Talking=- [Girl]
[Dreams of fuckin' an industry bitch]
My dreams be crazy man
Last night I fucked Whitney Houston [Dreams of fuckin' an industry
I left Houston, Texas on a Gulf Coast Hurricane
I was blown down by tornadoes, washed up by the rain
Well my pappy wasn't happy with me, he told me
back at my pad."
We got to my house we walked through the door
Threw on "Night and Day" by

Al. B Sure

She grabbed me, gave me kiss on the lips
So I