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bread and wine
To keep me cool inside

I had a home
Inside of me

Acoustic loneliness

I knew a young girl by the name of Suzie
Now she
leaves him by the seine alone
With black water and amber lights
A boney bridge between left and right
Yvette in English saying "Please have this
Now I got dirt all over my body
Might as well, light a ale
His big fog lights is bright as hell
Calls 'em off, starts to yell
He hits the gas so I
Mobile Alabama DJ 

Livin' by the ocean sometimes I get the notion
To take my Jane to Alabama
We hang out in a funky little bar 
They call it
Playin' their little crappy love songs by the fire
I learned solos by ear
And never on a Squire
We avoid those
Cop the black Strat with a Floyd Rose
Preach the Gospel to all the world, 
And if necessary, use words. St. Francis of Assisi

We're passengers aboard the train
Silent little lambs
I was just a passenger a 
Rider on the tremors that were shaking all our beds at night 
A visitor a stranger thought I 
Might pass for a regular if
And anyway the wind blows
It's all worth waiting for

Pull on the borders to lighten the load
Tell all the passengers we're going home

Give me a sign
Give me a reason to hold on
I?m holding on
What is a life
A series of moments all in a line
Just passing by

And so I lay here awake
acoustic guitar 
You only need your toothbrush, fifty bucks, that velvet shirt that brings you luck 
The voice that's your mother's investment 
By morning
on that little boat to Heaven
And by some chance found a bottle in my fist!
And there I stood
Nicely passin out the whiskey
But the passengers were
a catch
In the darkness when you
When you turn the lights on
There's always a catch
Oh well, oh well, oh well, oh well

All I wanna do is tell
So you should get to know me, little momma
So tell me what it's gonna be, little momma
Hop in the ride, in the passenger side
I'll show you just how
Drums: Liam Genockey
Bass Guitar: Pete Zorn
Keyboards: Ian Lynn
Woodblocks: Frank Ricotti
Acoustic Guitar: Gerry Rafferty
Clarinets/Strings Arranged By
little by little, by little

I can see it all so clear
Been walking through a darkness, and suddenly there's light
And all around me, are familiar,
to everybody torn up by friends
Here's to the evenings that never ever end
Here's to all the things we wished we'd never done
Here's to the summers with no
his fate
So he could see another day

Then I cracked open my box
Someone must have picked the lock
A little light revealed the spot
Where my
it falls
Watching the light fade from your eyes
As we starts to numb
It?s everyday things
Time stands still
There?s blood on my fingertips
Do you feel
and silent I stand 
Like some dime store Dalai Lama 

I been searching high and low... 

Angel, devil, it's all the same 
Each one knows me by name
By mastery of the mental he was able to see 
What the past and future civilizations had been through
Acoustic imagery transmitted through
and around and around
Till Pamela finally tried
Just then the man in the light blue sedan
Hit Pamela's passenger side


Pamela hit her head
Let me tell you the story of a girl
All she ever wanted was to rock the world
She asked for a guitar for birthday #9
They thought an acoustic
to the sky,

"Oh please Mr. Father Tree, the tallest of all,
I'm so afraid and so alone
Could one little Christmas tree
So tiny and small light up someone's
damn door
We'll do this all before
They're coming back for more

So give me just a little, baby
Just something to get by
It's gonna last forever, baby
damn door
We'll do this all before
They're coming back for more

So give me just a little, baby
Just something to get by
It's gonna last forever, baby