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to live

We are the people that you hate
We are the bastards that you created (the fucking bastards that you created)
A generation with no place
(this generation now) 

Ugh if you weather that storm 
Then that rain bring sun 
Been a long time comin'
I know change gon' come 
Man I gotta keep
Actions are rather hard to place
'Cause what you give is what you get

So, that's your generation
It's your generation
Well it's your generation
Generation clash 
Generation clash

Warnings around me
Coming on strong
Hear the desire
That young dudes are fools

But systems will break
They tell us that we lost our tails
Evolving up from little snails
I say it's all just wind and sails
Are we not men, we are Devo
Are we not men, D E

And our youth, oh youth, are being seduced
By the greedy hands of politics and half truths

The beaten generation, the beaten generation
To the conqueror.

You and me will all go down in history,
With a sad Statue of Liberty,
And a Generation that didn't agree.

You and me will all go down in history,
To cut the stream of blood
I hear voices that spin inside my head
It's your voice that counts so much

Here comes the young,
The new generation
on for way too long and that's one thing for sure
A constant game of tug o' war
I'm asking what's it all for?

A thousand years of war
Can you tell me

And our youth, oh youth, are being seduced
By the greedy hands of politics and half truths

The beaten generation, the beaten generation
You've seen it all a thousand times
(You've seen it all a thousand times)
You've heard it all before
(You've heard it all before)

You've danced
Through times of joy and suffering
The music flavors everything that's all I know now

Holy cow, you do it to me now
The soundtrack to a generation
the difference of age now everybody's talking bout
It's all those no-no's that make up the generation gap
Well the grown-ups go out now to parties and get stoned
Right here on the lot
We got the answer
Product guaranteed to satisfy

Korean parents still say
Say that you not all you want to be
Say you got
You say you fight to give us freedom
But often more than not this is abused
And the faces of a tired generation
Have decided they are sick
Suffer the kiss
And take me out alive.

We are those things that you despise
(We will sing)
We are the suffering alive

Burn! Your! Friends!
Fast internet
Stay connected in a jet
Wifi, podcasts, blasting out an SMS
Text me, I'll text you back
Check me on that iChat
I'm all about that HTPC
You can still hear the melody, 
But its the memory that's scaring you
Ten thousand heartaches, baby
Ten thousand heartaches now
Ten thousand
dirty gutta
With tuxedos on your mind
You want a glass of champagne
You want it paid for by the pain
Shout your national anthem
For all your
Uttered an angel from the sky
Die wicked generation
For this is the close of your game of destruction

You vote for a president
That decides full
All through the night
And the sound of your laughter
As i held you tight
So long ago -

I won't be coming home tonight
My generation will put
that I would hit a wall
And if I keep it up I won't live to tell us all

They keep saying
My generation's dead

Dead, we are helpless
We have
A generation of mockingbirds
You are being herded by the wolves
A generation of mockingbirds
Feeding yourself to the wolves
This is the rise of our
to heaven, heaven 

Look the world right in the eye 
Eat the countries that are making billions 
Sweet as homemade apple pie 
Saved by crumbs for all
I must've dreamed a thousand dreams
Been haunted by a million screams
I can hear the marching feet
They're moving into the street.

Now did you