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Hunt down those Witches, confess or die 
Sink or swim, they're guilty – let's hang ‘em high 

3 covens of 39 
In 1591 that night performed a rite
[XXV. The origin of the Mayfair Witches]

[By the letters of Petyr Van A., 1638]

From that crazy night
I never forget my love
Before he pile
Masks hanging on the tomb walls
Where the coven grieves
Witches hiding in the brambles
Ground level down where the dry leaves
Blow and burn

Things I'll do to you are beyond sick
Inches behind you feel me breathing right down your neck
I hope you like the taste of blood
It will be
hearses followed by limos
On your forehead I see the devil's symbol
3 6's, do the arrhythmic of the witches
And Grand Wizard, can you withstand
We just n****z getting money, f***ing all the b****es
And life and death between a matter of inches

You know
That fo' four that handle his
count on any reprieve

The hands of the helpless are raised
Your dead little secrets are praised
The people stand dumbstruck and dazed
By the inches
that's all I know
I've been doing this since 9 6, the oldies know
This tough load, the 3 8 o's, I let my hoe's hold
Keep it in them working, In case I'm
be proud if he could see
Your orbit will increase by forty-three inches every century
Blood scattered all over the place no one scared for
Someone that saw all they face
None of them got them a murder case
Laying in disguise 
The circle of bones has been sealed,
Prepared for these most ancient rites.
Three virgin cunts arrested by chains,
Gut them like pigs,
Let their
You forced us in the ghetto and then you took our dads
The belly of the beast, these streets are demons’ abs
I’m telling you that setup in them
all at bay
And have them pay in blood and finally their beliefs

[The Inquisitors To The Villagers:]
In this year of our Lord, by the grace of our
Four steps in the morning, 
Two steps in the day, 
Three steps in the evening, 
The darkness is a?blazing all the angels? seats
And soldiers step
Yea! Hypnotize Minds, Jesus
Three 6 Mafia, Lyfe Jennings, goin' down
Life is beautiful man
But niggas don't respect niggas, you know what i'm sayin?
Is the curse of these hideous witches
Hittin' hoes wit, 44?s and four by fours wit the pain of a figure four
Wounds hit you like a hit will blow

inches from the ground
Mud digger
And my chevy sittin on 44s
Pipes louder than glass packs
Straight pipes y'all know
Mud digger
Y'all don't know how
the victim
Who treads upon the blade
And falls apart

Sorcerers and witches
Fear the cracking of your whip
Revenants and skeletons
You'll show them all
And all that time that 187 was on my mind 
Shot the man in cold blood 
And I knew his momma saw the drive-by 
Design, and there ain't no tv until you see
It’s war and we fighting for inches and millimetres
Try to stall the progress by killing off all the leaders
If we don’t give them martyrs no
you believe that everyday is halloween 
Why, when I was a kid, playing in the ditches, 
Living in fear of satan and the witches 
The whole world was
know what I'm sayin?
The God ca-diver, in the streets of Iris.
We talk about sex, money and drugs.
(Ruled by power.) And why'all cats don't know
shrimp on my plate, look like dolphins [dolphins]
Pushin cookies in the soft ones
I can do better, by myself, not bad
Girl ate the whole thing if she call
the dream,
The dream I saw was all round me got.

Hocus pocus three men jokers,
Barristers beast policemen thieves,
Three queens and broken dreams,
inches from the ground

Mud diggers

And my Chevy sittin' on 44's
Pipes louder then glass packs
Straight pipes y'all know

Mud diggers