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By riding on a pony
I love to listen to the Dixey strain
"I long to see the girl I left behind me"
And that ain't a josh
She's a Yankee, by gosh
To say the shit you that said and to act like that
Y'all is lucky I'm a man of peace,
'cause y'all wouldn't see me behind the fuckin' trees
Anxiety, brothers trying me
Gun slingers, dead ringers

Yo, my slang's out of this world
Mix collaboration man, little man and his girl
Way of life got me
65 and I was 10 
And I will never be as free again 
Oh way back when 
The summer flew by quickly 
And Josh and I spent out time 
Writing words
Mr. Uncle Josh. Would you kindly play me some deep southern blues on that hound-dog guitar there. Ah, now that's what I'm talkin' about. Yeah.
the star I am
The big city life that I’m livin
All of the money that they’re tryin to give me
Just to sign a couple compact disks


is it one
Reveal to me this ugly thing - I'm rusted metal by your head
It's gotten out of hand again - nobody sees it, but I can
You thought of everything, I
we got all the dope in her sport bra
After I hit the curb I gotta slow leap, see she was suckin' me slowly
These black tint got me number 3 on that
the first slain by my hand
He was the bass player in my band
But I'd had all I could stand
Of the game

Well it started with the little things
He'd make
of all time forever and ever
One surprise, one surprise, shh! Wooo! I'm back

To make it out the ice cold streets of the city
You better have a Christopher
From Episode 7--Josh And The Big Wall
Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Larry the Cucumber
Presents, in a sequential image,
Sitting in the park with a walkman on nodding my neck hard
And pardon me I didn't see you there.
Thank god for the gift of midriff driftin by,
Malcom, Martin, Leadkur, I want you to arm yourself
And I've asked Josh to be your bodyguard
All right Dason
It might be good for Joshua
as Rick
Never thinking of takin' a trip to the clinic
Now they're all in it, they might have AIDS
I can't have babes

At the end of the day
Josh should've
of this world

Van The Man Ryker is out of this world
And Josh? Well he's down to earth

All my people in Antarctica, out of this world
and Ursula, she's
know me I'm the homie only I'm known as Matty
Not to twist our connection its just self protectionâ?¦
See the josh is a symbol, maybe more
hip-hop breaks, just to make a hit 
That's why to me, R&B, really ain't shit 
So peace to all the real hip-hop niggyroles 
The ones who knows about flows