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Ain't no question 'bout this paper
My mind is on a different angle
Wish I could cop that coupe for all my good niggas
I thank you, good riddance
Hibernating in guilt
Laden realizations of all that we have killed

And we say 'good riddance to their kind'
Committed to the crime
The bees
And mine is not to reason why
Gone, gone, gone
To all this scoundrel scheme of things
To all the pain it brings
To all those who pull the strings
I said
start forgettin'
Yes, I'm gonna start forgettin'
Right now
Go on, take my share
'Cause I don't want her
And now, she's gone, good riddance, goodbye
When that No Limit tank start hittin'
Nigga them gats start spittin, good riddance
You better run like "The Running Man"
but if you ain't
riddance to you
And to all of your hate

Hate crime the product of weak minds
Undernourished thought its ignorance defined
Sheep in wolves clothing
the fence
Tough offensive line men couldn't stop the blitz.
Them niggas inside, a couple kittens
And this right here: good riddance.
Nigga fuck around,
I had disengaged to avoid being totaled 
I would run away and say good riddance soon enough 
I had grown disgusted by your small-minded ceiling
to stick him or kiss your stupid ass good riddance 

[Junior Reid] 

Take me from my wonderful home, oh 

Carry me to here in Rome, no 

Sometimes you'll find your senses all disjointed
By the lines and wires of salesmen, cheats and liars

Well she left without one word
can't wait, I can't think straight
I want to be with you all the time
You make me want you
You make me want to make you mine
(You make me want to make
I found a true love, I swear by the stars above
I know she's mine, mine, all mine
I found a true love, I call her Magnolia
I know she's mine, mine
answered by the bottle
And that's suicide; genocide; all
Tears still falling while the rhythm keeps flowing
And her last name now good riddance, she
That's right a bucket bitch 

who you fuck in my car on my dick 

My lifeself switched a bit 

but my attitude didn't 

I told all my old bitches good
I take you out to movies, wine dine the whole nine?"

She condoned, good riddance, nigga slid her somethin'
Didn't want to get to bone her, though
She can't touch you like I do
'Cause when y'all touchin', you pretend it's me and you

And there's no way, her love's as good as mine
Oh baby baby
A friend, a friend, a friend, a friend
Friend of mine and yours
Out of all the love in the world
No one could love you more

Sometimes, there's

There's nothing to win by
This sort of an outcry
Oh yeah we all know why

'Cause the world a person lives in
Is his brain, well mine just gives in
Knowing you stand by me through good and bad 
Makes all the difference in my life
Day by day sweetheart I find 
These are the ties that bind
the pudding
I can taste it all the time
You been spiced so good
I'm sure glad you're mine
I'm not ashamed
To let everybody know
I never never never
Knowing you stand by me through good and bad
Makes all the difference in my life
And day by day sweetheart I find
These are the ties that bind
We have drifted apart
Broken hearts, me and you
After all of this time
I'm satisfied inside to know

This memory that I had
It's more good than
What went wrong?
Who's to say?

If you never been by
How then could I
Begin to say

After all this time
And you're still a friend of mine
So I
said to you
I take back everything except the part
Where I said we were through

Good riddance and goodbye, take your promise turned to lies
good to you girl
I'll be good to you babe

Girl, I need you by my side
I need your lovin' all the time
But just try to understand me, read me out