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the underside tide with the ride
[Verse Four: 2Mex]
Come one, come all
To the Visionary hall
Ray Parker Jr. calls me when he needs a little bit of Ghostbusting
like this, take it easy, Lucille
I like the way Sammy sings and I like the way Frank sings
But I can get a little Frank, Sammy, little Ray Charles
of steel is Kenny Parker 
As we say he can't get no darker 
All about action  not a fast talker 
All the whick whack sucker DJ's 
Gotta try much harder
my reasons 
You can ask Harrison Ford what lies beneath us

I am what I am when it all comes down
You know it's a warning when you hear
you're down on my luck my baby
And you said that the world has changed
As long as we have each other
Love's gonna save the day
From the ray of light in
and neal just barely missed a
Truck and then he asked her if she'd like to come like that to californy
See a red head in a uniform will always get you horny
Billy Fetch Yer Gun
Billy grew up back in the swamp
Got all his learnin' from a cajun guru
Billy learned by the birds and the bees
There ain't
and all my coaches 
"Go back where you came from!" 
Scream 70,000 fans 
Well, I know I could win their love back 
By catching a winning touch-down
Money money on my mind 
Money money on my mind 
Mo, mo, money on my mind 
So money is all I think of 

N**** get it in the slump if you know
Money money on my mind 
Money money on my mind 
Mo, mo, money on my mind 
So money is all I think of 

Nigga get it in the slump if you know
You're a very special person in your special way
How nice it's to see you everything's ok

Get to my job
Get bullied by slobs
Take orders from knobs
yo be loadin trips and sowin
Ya knowin, throw a fancy hover in the drowin
It's kinda pleasin a ray, so baby sit, no thank you heasin
Sneazin, now what
but was keeping the biggest slice

Took a while to catch on, to what homey was doing
But by the time we did, all the paperwork was in ruins
Nigga kept
the paperwork was in ruins
Nigga kept all the receipts so we couldn't file taxes
The next thing you know, IRS hitting us with axes

Pimp you owe seven
In daylight the sunlight chases the grey lights of lingering night
Down by the beach a lone heron he keeps
His eye on the fish and the tide
But I hear
my stop?
Mr driver tell me how to get off
Any way you can, any way
Come back into the light

You want to get to heaven
Take the devil by the hand
will outlast cash 
You get respect by bein creative 
And yes a native to your audience, so you know reality 
In other words, if you ain't a gangsta
And pretty soon you're surrounded
And your eyes are going one way
And your head is going another way
Ano your nose is going up
And your nose is going down

There ain't no time like the present they say
Lets cruise all the way down A1A
Put the top down and catch a few rays
Baby we'll be outta here
Somehow the sun keeps shining upon you,
While I struggle to get mine.
If there's a light in everybody,
Send out your ray of sunshine.

I want to walk
scuba'd way down low
Put the top down on my fears
Put the roof up on my woes
I dropped that food and liquor to put you up on my stove
They shoplifted
You fuckin' cowards
That Peter Parker shit'll get yo ass laid out
Pull Shaq's Escalade out
Motherfucker it's


hand steps

Back to the dormitory, where niggas
Broke my forearm and index finger, now you write glory
True holding my flag, it's all engraved in my
version of Mrs. Garrett
My speech is arrogant as I get sucked simultaneously
by J.R. Carrington and Christaro Barrington
Shove my dicky in Nikki Lynn
the following content
Now that we done with all of the nonsense
If you know you ain't a groupie, make some noise

Told me that she