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to a wasteland
Nothing left to replace

Man has made and destroyed it
The ending of life and time
Crushed by sudden impact
The omen, the final sign

Heat burns
Voices I hear
Impact is near
Switches are on
It won't be long

Distinguish the sound
You must be strong
Software collides
On both sides
down the mountain
Watching all my life go by

You're a distant memory, you're an exit sign
I was talking crazy on the driver's side
And I know I
When I spot a driver worth a second glance,
Foot to floorboard, impact soon achieved.
Here comes Bob!
I ain't subtle in my ways of making friends,
Taxi driver sees her coming
Chilly in the morning sun
She seems a little sad

Say goodbye
She's not afraid of leaving
No-one by her side
a wave of fear, a psychic shock
radical impact of the blast
frightening mayhem, terror, doom
there is nothing you can do
extremists on a mission
life is all we are
Then shine like every star
Nothing lasts forever
Time will make our history
As love will too

Always, always
By your side
to disserve all this anguish, nothing. 
I wish I could make a change, I wish the power was in my hands 

I stand by your side
And the movie house is all boarded up
Where we set side by side

And the sign that said "State Champions"
It's covered up with dust
But everything it's still
Out on the old coast highway
Flying through the night,
Jed got stopped by the CHP
For speedin' and no brake lights.

Rolled down the driver's
waiting on this moment all of my life
And it's now arrived, and my mouth is full of saliva
My knife is out and I'm ducking on the side of your house

Tears on the driver's side 
His head is in his hands 
Voice of an angel silenced 
At the whim of a mere man 
It's worldwide
drive drunk, no
Don't drive drunk
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers are mad

Teenager at a live party
Says, "give me one for the road"
But he's already
and me
You know we're startin' new just like you

So they ride
Side by side by side
Into the darkness
Every mile that they're passin' through
Out on the old coast highway
Flying through the night
Jed got stopped by the CHP
For speedin' and no brake lights

Rolled down the driver's
the same
And by 1998 we still had game.

[verse 3]

Only a pawn in the game
Chastised for namin names
What was said and who said it
Anti nothing so forget it
a[C]gain you have messed up [G]this old [Em]town
[C]get down [D]river, get


To the far side of town's where I want to go,
With its own lusts, it's own needs to serve
Longing for the love of all the other nevers
As they writhe and twist in satisfaction
In the burning chill
I say hey hey everybody come on let's go for a ride, motorvating,
Yeah grab your baby and pull her right by your side, motorvating,
Go around
Fuck you drunk driver, hate you like MacGyver.

Mission Impossible after 20 screwdrivers.

I ask for your keys, and you said "oh, no nigga please,

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
The stockings were hung by, the chimney with
It was the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse

The stockings all hung
By the chimney with
know that we're not crazy

We spend all our time lying side by side
Going nowhere, it's really something
Getting busy doing nothing
We spend all our time
the bricks out with all of his might
He's making his way through little by little
One minute more and he'll get to the middle
He gets to the other side
You let my love fly free
I want you in my life for all time

Caught up in the rapture of love
Nothing else can compare
When I feel the magic of you