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The flies, the dogs, the din
King of death and pain. 
Ruler of the slain
All in Gods name. 
Creatures for the maim
I'll come for you soon for my God is my
delve and greenwood,
Far wiser creatures play,
And in their veins and sinews,
Live the Gods of yesterday.

Both wicked and lustful
This God's horny
of nations, bind
In one the hearts of all mankind,
Oh, bid our sad divisions cease,
And be yourself our King of Peace.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
by the winds of fate 
Stung by the gods of hate 
I'm rising in power, I'm rising unchained 
Call this a sacred vow 
All that I tell you now
I may
All creatures of our God and King
Lift up your voice and with us sing,
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thou burning sun with golden beam,
Thou silver moon
A creature made of sunshine
Her eyes were like the sky
Rabbit howls like something old
As we twitch to her lullaby
The scalpel shines in gods
Overbearing secular creature
my worshipped king
king of wisdom and pain!

You are the one, the mighty one
ruling so wise
you're the universal
Overbearing secular creature
My worshipped king
King of wisdom and pain
You are the one, the mighty one
Ruling so wise
You're the universal sin
the remission for all of our sins

When I was a young one the preacher put oil on my sixth chakra (sixth chakra)
He knew when I was older I'd wanna follow 2Pac
Then I Saw A Lamb Looking As If It Had Been Slain
Standing In The Centre Of The Throne
Encircled By The Four Living Creatures
And The Elders
He Had
the darksides blessing and the higher power

And the mantel of power should be shouldered by the firstborn
The one who crave evil and all kinds of human
such a holy melody and a heavenly sound
Hearing holy holy holy coming out of the mouth
Of the four living creatures by his throne all around
Can you
Still swing with machete
That's long as Paul Pierce
Let’s talk about it, South side, cracks by the sewer
Hustle with my uncle, one- oh- seven got
of our stairs. 
Scented cathedral spire pointed down. 
We pray for souls in Kentish Town. 
A delicate hush the gods, floating by 
Wishing us well, pie
and hymns just like David
But once again the sons of men have formed a pact
Another culture without God is on the map 
Lord, I apologize for all the guys
controlled by demons is the heart of all evil pos- 
sessed by the queen and her unholy servants. 
"If we destroy it, the earth will be ours and it will bring
are not a gangster, you're a fucking errand boy
Werewolf warlord poet and a warrior
Mad child king Vancouver and Victoria
These kids forfeit against
the game trapped, I be the king mack
All my bitches mine til they bring crack

Yo yo, big boys play for large sums
Stack up, strategise, watch the cons
World premier, metal gear 
Fanfare, stand clear
All jokes aside, this is our year
Still here for real ya'll, bare witness
This is business
and pea coats
Y'all niggas better be close

To fuck with Cam, y'all bitches better hope and dream
Every gun that I own got a scope and beam
When I approach
Paul Wall what it do

Purple so muddy I can barely even drive
A blow it down trees like a catter goin by
Southside of H-Town that