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One of the most phenominal feats of all time
Frekaznatcha, Alabama, Mississippi, David Banner hoe

[Hook - David Banner] (Repeat 2x)
Let's take this
niggaz gon die by days, while you hoe niggaz cry
Why you fussin niggaz lie?
Die by days, don't want to hea about tha click you abound
You know a nigga
to Nashville, welcome to Nashville
Welcome to Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee

Now Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota
Alabama, Mississippi, Carolina,
the attention of bitches
Come and ride wit' me pimpin', lemme show you how we get it


Alabama, Mississippi, come and ride wit' a G
for my niggaz up in Texas, New York, Florida
Killa Cali, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia
Tennessee, Mississippi, Baltimo', D.C.
Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky