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water fill my eyes when I hear your voice
Everything gon' be alright
Baby girl I'm by your side, dry your eyes

[Mary J. Blige]
Let's talk this over
[Dr. Dre]
This one is for my brother, Tyree, R.I.P.
.. {*Mary J. Blige sings in the background*} ..
A message to God
.. {*Mary J. Blige sings in
by every nation
What's the sense of hating, when I can show love
What's the sense of faking, when I can show blood

[Mary J. Blige]
Now what's
and your dreams.
Believe in me. I will fufill. Now you know how I feel.
Now baby tell me how do you feel?

[Mary J. Blige]
[Verse 1]
Boy I feel like
Travel the way of the gun, come on, see-come on
No, I'm not only beggin I'm eggin you on
Until you dead or gone that's the vendetta I'm on
[Mary J. Blige]
All my love is all I have
All my life I look for you

I'm just Fab, I see how Mary be now
But I can barely be found
the remix
Mary J Blige
No more drama
BadBoy bady
Diddy, Yellowman, Hitmen
(feat. Mobb Deep)

First of all we the one and only
Infamous and Mary Blige
Coming straight, ghetto poetry
And ain't nothing changed but
and then Mary go, round
I just ride, holed her down with the fifth by my side
Me and miss Blige
Look up in the sky it's a bird a that came
In the hydro
see you bastards at the burial
Jay go first and then Mary go, round
I just ride, hold her down with the fifth by my side
Me and Miss Blige
Look up
the truth
He had talent too - I had plans on watchin' him grow
Don't know what hurts more - seein' him leave, or watchin' him go

[Mary J. Blige]
Thievin', as long as i'm breathin'
Can't knock the way a nigga eatin'
Fuck you even

[Mary j. blige]
Takin' out this time
To give you a piece
[Chorus: Mary J. Blige]
Now we grinding hard just like we wanna do
Grinding day and night so we can kick off our shoes
And live a glamorous life

Peace to Redman, Treach, Vin Rock, Kay Gee the great one
Mary J. Blige, Pete Rock and Troy, the late son
Heavy D, CL Smooth, and Queen Latifah
That wants to give the love up
But ICE ain't got no time for games
I need a real love, Like Mary J. Blige know what I'm sayin
But the odds are still
You're jealous
And we're not dot com 
E-Mail us
Yeah i did a joint wit Mary J Blige my nigga

Let it go
Can't let this thing called love get away
[Mary J. Blige]
Whyyyyyy, whyyyyyy
Whyyyyyy, whyyyyyy

I really wish I could explain it baby
It's just the world is kinda crazy baby
meant to be here, why?
Yeah, yo

[Chorus: Mary J. Blige]
All that I got is you
And I'm so thankful I made it through
[Repeat: x4]
Word up mommy, I
obliged that I'm Mary J. Blige. 
Mean I'm not goin' cry. Oh well. 
Blowin' my hot air she waitin' to exhale, hell. 
Well, a sucka for a tale, my names
one love
Crips killin' Crips, nigga, Bloods killin' Bloods

Niggaz tellin', gotta stay outta dodge
On the stand y'all be singin' like Mary J. Blige
your love like Mary J. Blige
Yeah I'm OTF while you're pickin' bare
Yeah I seen your bitch-made way
No I never be shot 'cause them man not wet, can't
[sound of Keith Murray intro from Mary J. Blige 'What's the 411' tape
 which I could swear has been set to B.I.G.'s "Who Shot Ya" based on
 the sound
Niggie trippin' why you beam us I don't step up with no bullshit 
See that there it's clip for this stickup on the hip 

Peep the correct way to get
on top of the hearse
I'm alive nigga, Justin T ain't got nothing on me
Cause I done cried Mary J Blige rivers
I realized that God's with us as soon as I
mess with them shawty
My life real shawty blood sweat and tears shawty
Through out these years I done told 'em how it is shaawty
No mills rap niggas