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I'm goin out baby uzi, style
Catchin bodies like I hit skins
The hostile juvenile, fuck what you heard
More four-five, motherfucker die
My crew is
To see how much wreck we'd create
          'Cause there ain't no party like a 2 Live Party
          'Cause a 2 Live Party don't stop!
          So come
said she shoulda killed me when I was a baby
'cause this ghetto got a young nigga crazy
P don't take no shit from no suckas
But ready to serve boulders
no reminder

You know it's crew love, Roc-A-Fella till we die
As long as you and I keep it movin like a drive-by
We could stack dough sky-high
yo yo 

[Chorus: x 2]
You Don't See Us, but we see you 
You stuck on sleep, get on your P's and Q's 
'Cause you will get crept, wit no discrept
what you sayin'?)


Ya'll live for bitches and blunts
We live for weed and money

(repeat 8x)

(Master P verse 1)
I stack greens like cheese
a one yout
Ain't a battle but I'm spitting like a one two
Cyan't find me 'cause I'm lost like a one boot
Door's open, everybody wanna run through
won't survive in New York
I flow a mad thick like the sap from a tree
I'm of the live brothers represents G.P.

I'm hot like the sun, find shade I got
chick know, P's hungry, like the hippoes
Suck on no nipples, but duck cats, quick to stick you
Like a pin-up, workin out, and doin chin-ups

why I make more P's than you's
Even when I'm in 3s and 2s, slip?
There ain't no reason to, slipping
If there ain't a blitz between the clique, that's
Deeper than the page of a book let me look
You let me hit the stage, that's when I got my folks hooked like

No, I ain't never been pimped by
Causialty to an MC who try to fuck with P, or E-Dub 

Catch the burner with the snub, no love 

A tight defence, like the glove, so bring it 

Any song
nigga to step get deleted by death 
undefeated ain't no thang to put that body to rest 
chest filled with smoke yokin' niggas up by the collar. 
you get with this, then please step to this
And if you say yes, sign the P.O.D. checklist
This is a spiritual war, we take no prisoners
Live a life
I like the way you feel, you feel, you feel, you feel...

[Master P]
Get you in the bubble with the top down, girl drop down
Got it home, ain't
in my crew don't fuck for free
P to the I
M to the P
Short Dawg baby don't fuck for free

I ain't nothin' like Mike, I don't play the court
cause I have a nice slugging percentage 

Because a nigga's like loced 

Run on up, I'll call ya hickory because your gonna get smoked 

I ain't no
shit, that ain't cool
I caught smaller cases tryin to get cap or two
Up against the wall, tryin to pass through
Ghost-like, hear the cries from
motherfucker on the chain gang 

Yeah I still slang my thangs like a G 
Really can I make your ass rest in peace? 
No need to waste my energy squabbin'
I don't wanna live no mo'
Sometimes I hear death knockin at my front do'
I'm livin everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle;
another day,
the mind
(8) Take the head of a snake
(7) Behold Armaggedeon
(6) Ain't no love for the rich
(5) Only strong will survive
(4) Cause we live by the sword
is highly addictive
Especially when you're used to having money to live with
I thought step back look at my life as a whole
Ain't no love it seems
Ain't no love for the rich
Only strong will survive
'Cause we live by the sword
Plus sixty degrees
For the black and the blue
For the sun, Judgment
know what to do with them
Head ain't even fun no more unless there's two of them
To tell the truth, I think beating it is easy
So when I say I poppin
on the block my nigga
Ain't nuttin changed, still runnin from the cops my nigga
I feel like B.I.G. and 'Pac my nigga
"All Eyez on Me," but I got this nigga