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Michael Jackson Cover

Written and Composed by Michael Jackson.
Rap Lyrics by Bill Bottrell.
Produced by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell.

yeah yeah
And what else you got to say
Ehh Michael Jackson
Michael jackson?
Not on my record we ain't singin no damn Michael Jackson
Go ahead,
Wire is coming back again
Elastica got sued by them
When Michael Jackson dies
We're covering Blackbird
And won't it be absurd then
When no one
2300 Jackson street 
2300 Jackson street 
2300 Jackson street 

Memories of growing up 
And working hard 
Our childhood passed us by 

The Baby Boom
Has Come Of Age
We'll Work It Out

I Told My Brothers
Don't You Ask Me
For No Favors
I'm Conditioned By
The System
Don't You Talk
Michael: You send cold chills up and down my spine
You kiss my chills,
But you draw the line, oh baby

Jackson 5: Oh baby

Michael: 'Cause yo'
Michael mcdonald/paul anka

No more goodbyes
Or waitin' for some lucky day
No driftin' along
No walkin' away
What I feel inside
Ain't some idle game
It's going down [x2]

No lights, no camera, but lots of action 
No moonwalkin backwards, kid, like Michael Jackson 
Strictly funk flows
Splendid Isolation
I don't need no one
Splendid Isolation

Michael Jackson in Disneyland
Don't have to share it with nobody else
Lock the gates, Goofy,
Parody of Jackson by Johnny Cash (G. Rogers/E. Weeler), Bexhill Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Quarter Music Inc. (ASCAP)
New lyrics by Cledus T. judd and Chris
the baby boom has come of age, we'll work it out.
I told my brother, don't you ask me for no favors,
I'm conditioned by the system, don't you talk to me,
? players
Duck tape dealers
Outlaw country
Hubcap stealers
Ain't no money 
In my wallet
Broke again is 
What they call it
My grandmammaâ??s
Jackson if you wanna
Woody Allen, molested and married his step-daughter
Same press kicking dirt on Michael's name
Show Woody and Soon-Yi at the playoff
directed to contents of our intestines
Urinalyis followed by X-rays
Interrogated and detained til damn near the next day

No evidence, no apology and no
Like I'm James Brown or Michael Jackson
You came in set off a chain reaction
I can't control my two feet
You sure know how to move me
By michael mcdonald/grady walker/harry garfield

If we could dream our lives away
That would be just fine
Without the cares and fears that prey
Yo Paul
It's Em
I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing
And I know he's not thrilled about the video
What, does he want to be startin'
the locked up; every relationship adversary
Ain't no replacement so make a statement before you buried
We very legendary already, no need to worry
Amstrong, Leblanc and the doped detour
Sorry Stephen King - there ain't no cure
Michael Jackson's too kind to the kids
DJ Ötzi fucking swindler bitch
2300 Jackson street 
2300 Jackson street 
2300 Jackson street 

Memories of growing up 
And working hard 
Our childhood passed us by 

proved action-less 
Your workless faith is dying 
And my heart is crying

Michael stood with me but he didn't walk with me
Michael stood with me but
Lil Jon with the beat (jeah!) and now them hoes want to call ya
I ain't Michael Jackson the P won't quit
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6
to grow, to show
The elevation of a people built is so
Jesse Jackson, Miss America a black one
No more livin for just a small fraction
I was once told by
Bloody ink on my past spelled suicide,
Michael Jackson even passed could you scrutinize?
Fuck Illuminati lies, sayin’ lucified,
Baptised in
the wrong business
I ain't lyin'

Should have been a boxer
Makin' the movie "Rocky 3"
I would be a star Like the wrestler Mr. T
Should've been like Michael