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And she takes you down to New Orleans 
And on out to the sea
Well you heard about the good Queen Mary 
Sailing on the seven seas
But you ain't
rollin and you ballin
I got golds in my mouth and I'm reppin New Orleans
They say he, young and he crazy and his brother doin a bid
I had changed my life,
are at the door
the Magnum was by the ashtray
(New Jersey)  He bout to go out like Scarface
He woke up in a cardboard box with no space
with Thug
St. Louis got crazy hoods
[P]	Oakland Compton Watts wearin the hoods
[S]	Yo true indeed, Louisville
	Boostin Houston got CRAZY hoods
[P]	New Orleans
A.T.L. bitch, A.T.L. bitch
New Orleans bitch, New Orleans bitch
Houston bitch, Houston bitch
Miami bitch, Miami bitch

If ya in it, represent it
on up!!!! 
Mississippi, get on up!!! Houston, get on up!!! Carolina, get on up!!!
New Orleans, get on up!!! Chicago, get on up!!!

If you ain't
Houston, Texas, the third largest city in the U.S.A.
We really off the hook, we off the chain man

[Lil' Keke]
No doubt, off the rip, ain't