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a line that isn't true an' you pass them by
But it doesn't mean a thing
'Cause Grand Puba got that game
So won'tcha let me try?
Now just because I
life, hand in hand.
I'm a stand by my woman man.
We fall asleep at night thinking , ain't love grand.
That's why I'm a stand by my woman man.

A weddin ring - ain't somethin I'ma hand a hoe
Do money grow on trees? Nigga the answer's no
I treat G's like seeds, get a grand to grow
Car lookin like
a penny
And I ain't really got nuthin' to lose
So announce on 22's start spreadin' the news
Let's speed it up a little
Hoes love to choose
Soon as they
on show a nigga love shawty
Forget a table dance Gotti wants some skull shawty


I'm kinda young shawty far from being dumb shawty
You got ya
Yo grand mammy, Man I love that woman she's a trip to be around act a clown
She might hit you frist fuck up after a couple rounds
Yo mamma, she
only grows at a phenomenal rate
Out of 50 I done ran through 39 of these states
The love that I receive I'm earnin it
From the SMACK DVD shit to the 50K
You can't tie a sweater over that ass, or hide it in pajamas
We lay back, blowin' ganja
DVD, she make it hard to watch a flat TV, whoa
I crept
money, cars and hoes
It's the only life I chose
Street life, ain't nothin' but the street life
They love they way I shine
This world is mine, it's all mine
dream, to floss with the team
Long on the suine
DVD's on the screen
Blowing on cream
Waiting for you to scheme
You ain't gotta know how to flick, to spray
Waiting around a crew of thugs
That parade in blue and yelling 'cause
(Whats up? 'Cuz)
Ate by selling drugs
'38 snub in the waist, in case fools lose
[Warren G]
Waiting around a crew of thugs
That parade in blue, and yelling 'cause (whats up cuz)
Ate by selling drugs
'38 snub in the waist, in
love our music slowed down by screw

[Lil' Flip]
Down south lil flip wreckin all these boys
Major labels don't even wanna call these boys

[Lil' Flip]
f**k with that Hemi
I gotta Cutlass 350 will leave your ass by a distance

You ain't customly did it or oringally interior
Your like them West side
like I'm UGK
Asshole by nature like my name was Trae
And I don't gang-bang, I patrol the game
And what I'm representing here is putting holes in
Everybody, everybody
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and
Listen to this true mothafuckin' story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans, ya
on em swang on em)
Dat candy paint ain't lookin' bright (i swang on em swang on em)
We ride we ride 22s or betta'
We we ride we ride 22s or betta'
to the moon and the stranger
And your fall by the sword love affair with Erroll Flynn
in these times of compassion when conformity's in fashion
Say one more
living in the same way

You always wear a smile
You're love it fast, and you live wild
Short lifespan, but ain't life grand?

Copper kettles,
wood with wheel on
With a flyin' bitch some old gangsta shit
Flat screen DVD's smoking stank and shit

Ain't dat shit Sunday bull tank and shit
Top down
ass by a distance

You ain't customly did it or oringally interior
Your like them West side niggaz'll sit that thang on them switches
Them by 9's be
No one ever had much nice to say
I think they never liked you anyway
Oh take me from the hospital bed
Wouldn't it be grand ain't it exactly
What you
pain to the thief of love

Filled with hate, I won't mistake
Inside out pin love is grand
Outside in pain, hate awaits

Ain't love grand? It saves
words yesiree that's me bamboozled
Out of my whisps but the thrill of it fits like a glove
(Bamboozled bamboozled by you)
Heaven open the door I ain't
a dick too, make me come fast
I like them modelin' bitches, I love them swallowin' bitches
Where them hoes, there they at, I'm 'bout to follow them