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Listening to the teacher rap just ain't my bag
By the two-bells ring, you know it's my cue
I'm gonna meet the boys on floor number two

Smokin' in the boys'
or any information about where these rappers may be
Please contact 528-CASH

[Hook: Juicy "J" - repeat 2X]
Yo mami an yo pops man they 'bout to find yo
on my J's and dance the whole night away 
I???m naughty by nature like I???m hip-hop hooray 
With my hands in the sky, I wave ???em from side to side
[Juicy "J"]10x
Sucks on dick...
Does it real good(Get buck motherfucker, get buck)

[Juicy "J"]
You got these million dollar niggas
always hollerin bout that Dec 'cause I'm in love wit where I'm from

So eastside throw it up rep ya side and let 'em know
Got plenty shells that I can
Way before a record deal 
So my nigga don't hate on me 'cause Juicy J be gettin his bills 
Clean that mug from off ya face unless you want a casket
Juicy J (Big Gipp)-
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Three 6 Mafia (Here it is)
Know what I'm sayin'
Goodie Mob (Triple Six Mafia)
ATL (Big Gipp)
drank get you drunk I'm trying to bang

Where ya at whoa, where ya at whoa
CB wanna hit you from the back whoa
And when I grab your girl, don't holla, let

South side till I die


Weak bitch

This hot shit by David Banner 

Your ain't gotta go no where nigga

I'm up in this city, you can
You know what I'm saying
I wanna say what's up to all these niggas out here hatin on dj paul juicy j
Y'all know who you are you know what I'm saying
ain't from my hood, get yo ass from round here 

Chorus (2X) 

[Crunchy Blac] 
First I'm gonna catch the bitch 
Then I'm gonna beat the bitch 
Then I'm
It's that nigga that you love to hate
Deep in the north
Is where I stay, the one notorious Juicy J
I fold ya dogs an chop you away
And get real high
Bet you get high but I ain’t smoking with the rest though
Cause if it’s in my joint, believe that it’s the best smoke
I’m talking OG kush from
I'm living young'n show that Bentley
Stunna' my Pa' so you know that's in me
Gotti my mentor so don't go there wit' me

Say go D-J, cause that's my
lookin' mean on the scene
When hoes see me they sayin' everybody ain't able
Cause I turned the back of my Caddy pickup into a pool table

Juicy J, I'm
Bet you get high but I ain’t smoking with the rest though
Cause if it’s in my joint, believe that it’s the best smoke
I’m talking OG kush from
I'm rolin'

[DJ Paul]
Pedal to the metal then STOP, 
Take another sip from the syrup then STOP
Let my seat back, drop the top then STOP 
See me
the road 
I ain't you hoe 
Lil P don't mess with me when I get good and crunk 
or you gonna find yourself locked in the fuckin trunk

{Juicy J
and rolling the miles up
So [?] I'm never putting the pound up
Let 'em hate, bitch, I built it from ground up
I hold the fort down, nigga, know what?
one shot to love you all night long

Yessir, Robin Thicke

So you sayin' you ain't from 'round here
I can tell by your accent, dear
You got
my gunz till my clips retire
America pray 'cause I don't want to expire
I'ma soldier

[Juicy J:]
I'ma U.S. mother fuckin soldier boy
so bad for somebody to come up over the 6
You better hurry up boy I'm 20 years in this shit, BITCH

[Juicy J]
Juicy J yes I'm that nigga
on Juicy, actin like you never knew me
I ain't the one be droppin dollars, I'm just out to get the chewin
Now she fuckin one of my niggas, pimped the trick
gone to Gallywinter sister would come out and say "Where you going anyway?" 
I'm going to Gallywinter and there ain't no girls allowed, I guess things
never living foul
Step wrong, we'll be gankin and buckin wild
Cause we're the band, we're standin loud and proud
And where we're from, no B.S. allowed