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And I'm standing over by the bandstand
Every eye gaping on John Finn's wife
Yeah, every eye gaping on John Finn's wife

Now John Finn's wife
through the night alone
Searching night and day for the
Secret of the ring
The secret of the legend
Lives forever
The legend brought the queen together
the peace
Without a gun
From Abilene down to Galveston

When he rode by the general store
People crowded through the door
To see the legend and the man called
days you may freeze

Who lives
And who dies
Who holds on to all our lives
Time and time and time again
Will they tell your story in
down the very same flood

John still dreamt of the life he wanted, over and over again.

Make me feel like a man should..
I am John Merrick
fevered brow

Whispering Jesse still rides in the mountains
Still sings in the canyons
Still lives in my heart
Words and music by John Denver
Words and music by John Kay, Michael Wilk and Rocket Ritchotte

And she walks along by the river
Where you can be alone with your dreams
And she
Words and music by John Kay, Michael Wilk and Rocket Ritchotte

And she walks along by the river
Where you can be alone with your dreams
And she
and Dixie,
In the name of God and Dixie Land. 

John Wilkes Booth and his band of men
They'd failed before but would try again.
When Good Friday dawned
A journey with no promise, but still he had to see

Through a broken sky he stands on top the world once again
The unworthy weakened minds, lives come
a crashing
Devils to the ground
The legend of this dying land
The earth is acorched by devil's hand
This place we love can live again
We rise up and sing

save the children 

Escape the poverty for live and, let live 

Die by the mic, shadow steel by night 

(repeat 2X) 

[movie dialogue]
There's a full moon over India and Gandhi lives again
Who's to say you have to lose for someone else to win
In the eyes of all the people the look is much
rest to rise again homie, I sleep when I'm gone
Look, a legend while I'm prime, and so current and they hate this
The streets classified me as another
Ooohh, like way back when
When the milk train used to rumble my shack
Used to stop outside o' my door
But now the milk train doesn't come by
of days by gone
Of right and wrong
And life and death under the sun

Now hear the legend and lore
These songs live on forevermore

So take up your
the light which is blinding my eyes
Now on a strange wings I fly
I soar on the wonderful wings of a dream

Never again to be bound by chains within cold walls
Turn brown and burn down Rome just like Nero
A hero ain't nothing but a
Don't make me say it again
Don't make me say it


That's what I'm
our planet Earth was the only place to live 
But we destroyed it all by taking all she had to give - (wasted Earth) 
And as we ride through the black
Words and music by John Kay

The night wind howls way up in the canyon
The moon comes out while fog rolls in
One more time I'm waiting for
I take it if they don't give it to me
Swear all of it was written for me (yep, yep)
By a higher card just spiritually (up, up)
Up in the wages,
Well oh well I feel I'm in decay
John Laws is on the air again
It's heavy traffic, jacarandas, eye in the sky and foot on ground
I see a million
of John Black-Singing]
But once again you're lost inside your head and never com-ing home

Trapped up in your thoughts, caught up in the web
to see what's cooking
Just John the Baptist in the park getting laid thinking there's no-one looking
And its eighty degrees and I'm down on my knees in
Keep shooters with me, you'll call your grave site nigga
15th Ave, miracle nigga
Get these comforters fried, come and get a few nigga
John Doe nigga, you