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I saw people dancing in the streets
Streets of a lonely city
Listen to the beats
The people strike their feet on the lonely concrete
of your coat 
Seen you walk away saying my eyes in smoke 
You are dressible, look-able 
All the man dem after yuh 
They claim you do something they just
the shell my opponents weak crown 

--Bloo Bloo-- the title comes after 

What a disaster listen to the laughter 

Your heart I capture 

Cause every
a final letter I’m leaving for my fam' but
It’s written in language they will never understand
A late repentant
Never deviating from a plan
I drive by
playing along to what I'm sayin' you're singin' a song 
Stevie Blass on the keyboard  swingin' along 
But you don't have to dance  play it cool and listen
the Beast From the East, picking meat out my teeth
And as soon as the beat stop I forget how to speak
I release a better rhyme seven times a week
To beat
you breathe.
Sometimes I long for you to see yourself

And realize that you need help.
When it's my red letter day Ill be the right one after all.
Rest in peace Wayne Bridges
You're still living through me

Look, I lost my father to the bottle
I'd hug him everyday like I might not see
From street to street, to speak, from beat after beat
My cypher's complete, when I build with people I meet
So here's the info straight from
the theme and the title, Jah bless and comfort my enemies & rivals
Who's the trespasser and what you after? Nothing that can't be replaced by my master
flowers romantic
my love gigantic
from Africa, transplanted translantic
in the heat of the sun
I bring shade for everyone
like the beat on the one
Milky, and I'm back 
My ace in the hole was this brand new track 
I'ma slow it up and speed it up and now you're gonna eat it up 
longer kelvin mercer but the posdnuos
Plug one yo I found fun
In the scribblin' of speak
On a naked white sheet
Most recognized by my dark brown self
A roast by the host with the most; it's a musical massacre.

Never tired; don't even try it; keep quiet.
Like a storm, you could rain... but
story I tell E.B. 

Nobody beats the "are", check out my melody... 

[Verse Two:] 

So what if I'm a microphone fiend addicted soon as I
put up the wall of words ain't no way into my Queendom
Controlled by me, the heir to the throne is the Ruler Lord Ramsey
The Ruler Lord, to him there is
but we're both here, still standing there

we've made it this far and there's more to come

from the beat of my heart to the beat of the drum
of character, but I'm still there after
Everyone's gone from the scene, cause I don't care if the...

I just want to bring, yo, my crazy funky lingo
and freaks

Listen in his voice when he speaks
Hear it like the anger in the roar of the thundering storm cloud
But wicked is the weather that continues
every color, religion
That listen, that you gotta beat the system, stay the fuck out the prisons
They try to blind our vision, but we all got children
you can't do half
My crew laughs at your rhubarb-and-custard verses
You rain down curses but I'm waving your hearses driving by
Streets riding high
don`t, I`ll unsheath my Excalibur
Like a noble knight, so meet ya challenger
A true hero, while you`re a through zero
Gettin beat to a pulp so that you
When homeboys put vogues on any car
With 6 by 9's smoking burner
Everybody got addicted to my dope fiend beat
Whole town fucked around and started
homeboys put vogues on any car
With 6 by 9's smoking burners
Everybody got addicted to my dopefiend beat
Whole town fucked around and started smoking D
my prime, pumping records that'll blow your mind

The D.O.C. is dope, I would've been down with rock but I'd be broke
By the punk, I'm opening up my