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a change in this place
I think the love factor's high

When the love factor's high
And too hard to collide
You don't even try
And that's when
Seems like every November
When the weather gets bad
I start to remember
All the good times we had
The long nights get longer
I Wish an friend
Wind chill factor. There you go.

It's one of those days where I don't like myself (uh huh)
But I get along with myself O.K. (O.K.?)
I'll slip
Hold on, hold on it's a heavy scene...Warp Factor Five
With me...Come along won't you come with me...
Warp Factor Five you see ~ This world is
I just can't believe my ears, some music out these days
The human factor has diminished, in oh so many ways
Fancy footwork gets top bill and I
were the center
The perfect opposite of, of what you asked for

It's not just one way
A negative factor
With all of these wasps out
I'd better take
I just can't believe my ears some music out these days,
The human factor has diminished in oh so many ways,
Fancy footwork gets top bill and I
Got 'em saying I can't believe
She did it no she didn't
My wild factor's got them crazy
Got 'em saying: yea she did it
But I can't believe it
Droves of growers rolling by

In the trees and way below

Simple factors foiling time

Never did we seem to know

She was high and I was low

equal main factor
- the mystery of the Chrome bladed creature
... the Beast

Each one carrying the hope of being the chosen one,
To have his wish
Race of doom
Is it on
Is it off

It's a matter of time
It's a matter of luck
It's a factor of chance
'Til i self-destruct

You fire
Race of doom
Is it on
Is it off

It's a matter of time
It's a matter of luck
It's a factor of chance
'Til i self-destruct
You fire
What's insatiable I am, I am
Try this and find what's longer
Time is never a factor 
To me I need to clear my head 
Of you
Always on my own
Her knees thrust in one direction
Like a symbol of math, a symbol meaning Greater Than.

I come recommended by four out of five,
I'm a factor in
long before distance becomes a chore?)
I'm approaching with great (great) trepidation
I hope you'll understand

Before you speak (before you speak)
Fast fading roses
Non-lingering words
Scythe be my instrument
Through dreams I now rage

No guidance is me offered
No forgiveness thee is
the wicked
??? (weak-kneed and ...?)
Go to pale the hard way x2

Sort it out in the animal sea
The factor of the human pride
The place where I was born
like a new pin 
Everything is in its place 
And there`s a place for everything 

A, B, C, D. That`s the way it`s gotta be 
1, 2, 3, 4.
to go down
Where les bon temps roulez
Louisiana and Texas
Philadelphia, PA
I've been looking in the barn
whose barn? my barn
For that factor unknown
I could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday
Slow-motion weekdays stare me down
Her lipstick reflex got me wound
There were no defects to be found
death, welcome back to life!
Re-animator, re-animate me
The human dosage factor is unknown a super charged zombie awakes
Becomes sort of a blood blithering
Angel wings 
Rise up in it's time
Angel fitted places
You see is important
I be there, put moonlight behind
Apply my connection, close
Motivation no longer a factor
Only sparks of hope push me away

Creations of wishfull thinking
We delude ourselves
Aspirations reaching no fruition
Only left in secondary shadows with no one in control
A struggle separated from faith
Rationality no longer a factor
Left helpless
No one here
a picture of before and after
The story gets more pretty every chapter
Getting more attractive, age ain't a factor!
You're the one that I got, I'm about