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hitters, primal grunts 
and recorded bullshit are part 
of yet another "Metal Magic" 
Mystery Tour created by 
Diamond Darrell and the "BEAST"
In this day and time of metal magic 
We need rock and roll 
We need PANTERA! 
I didn't want to touch you 
Since we were both sixteen 
Dashes through the garage door
Now you cry injustice and synthetic violins
Every night outside my door
A candle in the wind

Lipstick on your
want it, I got it, I got it everyday
You can get whatever you need from me
Stay by your side, I’ll never leave you
And I ain’t going nowhere 'cause
to get loaded
And get out of this town

Pantera on the Marquee
Better stay one more day
Iron Maiden, Mot?ad
Fuck, heavy metal ain't dead

Hey dude
takin a regular picture by the hotel St. Bonaventure
Besides I do wear a coat in the winter
And eat at beautiful restaurants

	Leave me alone, leave