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And now I see that you fell asleep again
You've been riding this train since 2 A.M
Like the circle of fifths you drew in school
The loop line takes you
it's a dream come true
I got three guitars, I got credit cards
I got more money than you
Baby it's an A.M world
Baby it's an A.M world
Get yourself
Everybody’s called their ex
Feelin’ alone at three A.M
And everybody’s spent money they don’t got
To try and look like someone they’re really not
the A.M
'Cause we don't know what we're saying
We're just swimmin' 'round in our glasses
And talkin' out of our asses
Like we're all gonna make it, yeah
try to keep on holding out

You're at a party the other day and all your friends are there
No one's holding back, is life that good of fair?
By two a.m
fucking star ymcmb

Girl you know that
When we do it
Girl you know
We do it right

We running from the a.m to the a.m
Threating everyday like
taking off to landing
You could feel your heart expanding
You walked halfway down Manhattan
Till you met the Brooklyn Bridge

And in a two A.M
I leave the party at three a.m
Alone, thank God
With a valium from the bride
It's the devil I love
And that's as funny as real love
And that's
precious teenage loners.
Grabbed the heat and
Turned up the tone of it.
Got A.M radio playing in the
Bedroom while they're dancing
In the ruins of their
It is now 6:30 in the a.m
This is Baba Oje speaking directly to you
Right down to earth in a language
One can easily understand

We got a list
here you must repeat
I'm so much better

They turn look round at me
Now we all look the same
Eight a.m every day
I knew I could change

Will never miss
There is no other voice I long to hear
At 3 a.m when I wake in fear
There is no sound can soothe me down to my soul
No other voice but yours

Living after midnight
Rockin' to the dawn
Lovin' 'til the morning then I'm gone
I'm gone

I took the city bout one A.M
Loaded, loaded
I'm all
Living after midnight
Rockin' to the dawn
Lovin' til the morning then I'm gone
I'm gone

I took the city bout one A.M
Loaded, loaded
I'm all
6 A.M and Bobby's wakin' up
Rolls outta bed with sleepy eyes
Goes to his sister's room across the hall
'Hey Daisy rise and shine'
He pours two
I didn't mean to love you

Sunday Morning waking up and touching you
You're always warm at 9 a.m
Pillows close and I can feel you wanting me
Come take me home
Oh I need you now
I'm lost without you
A million miles but I will find you
So take me home

It's 3 A.M and I can't sleep
co-stars name
I play both good and evil parts
I sing to Verdi's grave

And every single morning
By 10 a.m I'm dressed
My rehearsals last for hours
"6 a.m
Hey good morning
Beautiful, how you been?"
I used to be a "we just landed
Miss you, you can't stand it
See you this weekend"
Now I'm just
8.45 a.m
The dream just escaped me again
Over breakfast I could hear you in the garage building insects
I know that knock c'mon
I just put
Lets go down, together
3 A.M tomorrow night
I'll take you over anything

Lets go out, together
Broad daylight in the street
I'll take you
Two A.M
Two of us
Come sunrise I'm leavin'
You know I must
I can't bear the heartache
That's in your eyes

So let's take all night to say
within again

These days we go to waste like wine
That's turned to turpentine
It's six a.m and I'm all messed up
I didn't mean to waste your time
Christmas trees are scary things at 2 a.m and
Foolish lips are all the way in Boston,
But they're sounding pretty good.

Like everybody in the world, I want
I go to work from 10:30 until 6 a.m
Raking up those dimes and quarters
Slinging eggs and ham
Scrambled,poached or over easy
Coffee black