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hello, my name is thomas jenkins.
Geoffrey Thomas was born in Wales
He was in and out of those dole queue jails
They said he was a burglar
But they made him feel like a murderer

Music by ? ?
Produced by chris thomas
Recorded 1969 at emi studios, abbey road
Never released (the bread and beer band)

(Dolly Parton)

Dr. Robert F. Thomas 
May his name forever stand 
Dr. Robert F. Thomas 
Was a mighty, mighty man 
And he enriched the lives
True Thomas sat on Huntley bank
And he beheld a lady gay
A lady that was brisk and bold
Come riding o'er the ferny brae

Her skirt was
nice and clean
Wish he could be my toy machine 

He's a hero
I'm a zero
He's a hero 

Jamie Thomas, Jamie Thomas, Jamie Thomas

Jamie skates so
Keep your promise, Willie Thomas 
We pledged our love one day beneath the whispering maple tree
You made a promise, Willie Thomas
That all
welsh Rimbaud
You'd laugh to see the monograms they make of you
Ah, Mr. Thomas let us ramble through the midnight fair
Let us throw old bottles
Otis Redding :
You're the sweetest thing that I have ever seen
I really love you baby
I'm gonna shake your tree

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas :
Hello music lover, Thomas Pancake here telling you that you are the proud new owner of the hottest music on the market today. 
So get ready for
Simon Peter, Andrew, James and Phillip, Thomas, Matthew
Bartholomew and Simon, Judas, Judas ,James and John

Andrew go and tell your brother Peter
day I should forget you
But my experience say what we have is true

I will never deny you

Hey Judas they will betray you
Thomas's they will doubt you
Reach - make the connection
Hunt and collect the truth
Free your vision
Tear down the fences
Down down your defenses

See Thomas spinning round
nobody get a hit out of here
But Sam and Dave

Rufus Thomas or Carla Thomas
Or Eddie Floyd
They ain't the only ones
Who know how to play the blues
How is little Thomas Magee?
Thomas Magee, he swallowed a key
Jedediah, little Thomas Magee
Holly holly, just let him be
His wife now, little
How is little Thomas McGee?
Thomas McGee, he swallowed a key
Did he die, little Thomas McGee?

Holly, Holly just let him be
He's wiser now,
nobody get a hit out of here
But Sam and Dave

Rufus Thomas or Carla Thomas
Or Eddie Floyd
They ain't the only ones
Who know how to play the blues
Cynical, just your way
You play the doubting Thomas
Feel the scars and wipe the stains

So you fight, and retreat
And talk yourself out
Doubting Thomas parks his car in his Sunday best
Taps his wallet, straightens tie, lights a cigarette
Pilgrim's progress, no journey's end
Words: Dylan Thomas

The sky is torn across
This ragged anniversary of two
Who moved for three years in tune
Down the long walks of their vows.
I'm like a chee-chee-chee-chee-rony like they make at home
Or a healthy fish with a big backbone
I'm Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
"When Thomas brought the news that the house I was born in no longer exists - neither the name, nor the park sloping to the river, nothing - I had
Zuerst waren da nur Marc und ich
und die Idee der besseren Welt
Jasmin war wegen Thomas da
und Thomas wegen Marc

Tobi wollte Steine schmeißen