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Haunt me, I know
You'll keep me, in tow
No laugh, no guide
No one beside

So haunt me, 'cause I know
You'll keep me, in tow
And she's all, I need
Policeman won't you come on over
Hook me up to the power lines of your love
Jump start, tow me away
Jump start or tow me away

And through the bruised
Breath control
Sweat control
On command, catch and dive
Jump and dive,suck and blow
Shove and tow, kick and on command
lodge a leal poor man?"
Laddie wi my tow-ro-ae

Well the nicht being cauld, the carle being wat
It's doon ayant the ingle he sat
My dochters shouthers he
In Chicago where I live, there's an outfit that'd tow almost anything off the street. They deal mostly with automobile. And we call 'em the Lincoln
up your Shakespeare
And they'll all kow-tow

Brush up your Shakespeare
Start quoting him now
Brush up your Shakespeare
And the women you will wow
the year that we wait with a smile

If you call, we will follow
If you show us we can tow the line

And now that you're here you can show me the way
And now
Mr. Policeman won't you come on over.
Hook me up to the power lines of your love.
Jump start, or tow me away.

And through the bruised machinery,
You're so special
You're so fine
You're good looking
You're so divine

and it seems like a breath of a moment
and it seems like a wisp of a tow
no malice
Tow the line
Keep it fine
Every man seeks this end

Valhalla, you are calling
Valhalla, you are calling me home
Valhalla, new day dawning
I'm going into Tow Law
For what I need
Chain for the ripsaw
Killer for the weed
The dog's at the back door
Leave him be
Don't feed him Jack
While I tow the line on this barge of a heart
That'll lead me astray some day, some day.
I'm gonna get me a gun and shoot me someone
If I don't calm my
Tow the bell for the Rebel's goodbye

When the boots hit the dirt in formation the mood was determined and bright,
And a young, hopeful boy
Tow the line
Tow the line

Wake up your time is nearly over
No more the supernova
No action guaranteed

Wake up you've had an operation
up your Shakespeare
And they'll all kow-tow

Brush up your Shakespeare
Start quoting him now
Brush up your Shakespeare
And the women you will wow
Here she comes, 
she's running over the hill 
with her friend  
in tow. 

I know that it feels 
that there's no-one else on earth. 
I'm like a broken record
A big ol' tow truck wrecker
Couldn't pull me out of this groove
The sun goes up and down
This world keeps spinning
to tow eh
Magdalena when you`re gone

Dreaming, we`re drinking the night away
Talking, way past the break of day
Through the bright streets of London
make my stand
Don’t want it easy

Rock the boat and shake the tree
You got to stir it up sometimes
Turn this anger into your passion
Just don’t tow
Before our time, upon a noun
There stood still a ship
Standing proud

She tows lines, transforms words
To be more than they are
When they are alone
kow tow
Won't be seen to, won't be lied to
I won't turn tail, won't be blackmailed by you

And I can see through you like glass
So come now please
I need your words saying
When will your words
Tow the line
And when you're here, don't be here

'Cause all I see are your lips
And when
Your love is a parking lot
With potholes and faded lines
And the kids don't hang because
The cops just chase them out

Your love is a tow away
and me
Is that the world owes you a living
And you always tow the party line
In your loving and your giving

Our mutual friends say make amends
Somebody's crazy, and it ain't me.
Come on man, you people, shut up.
Man, you people
You people are driving me crazy!

Through! Tow