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What do you want me
To do know?
Yes, man
Who do you want me
To be for?
You don't trust me
I don't like you
Inconsequent, social infant, insolent, insignificant
And you're my sycophant
Brown noser, confidante poser
Shoved down the garbage disposer,
out of sight
Just another sycophant
Victim of hype

Could you do without an advert that
Tells you what to wear
Or a top ten billboard chart
the confirmation
I'm the inclination
The determination
I'm a helping hand down in neverland
I'm a sycophant
I am mega-man

I'm the falling rain
I'm your
Trudging off to war
Behind the cross of Jesus
And still they

It's the march of the sycophants, they
March in
Longing for clarity
Upon humility my journey dwells
Among sycophants and egotists
Blended as blood on skin paled

Deprive the flesh of its urge
the sycophants give each other head
Wear the halo like a ring on your wedding day
The girls are sharp like razor blades in the wedding cake
They do the void
One more paranoia, 
I don't want another
Oh yes I confess, 
I don't want another

Yes you handsome man
Wicked boy, you sycophant
Are you ready
Suck up the lies as I'm spitting out the truth inside these tired eyes
Silk stalk perpetuates the sterile tide I see outside
Milk sober sycophants
So without thought, starve sycophant.
I'll never believe you when you say everythings ok.
a bastard saint, I'm a sycophant
A parasite that lives for just one goal
Mind control

Send your money to Jesus Christ
Mail order your eternal life
some crack, I'll shoot some dope!"
When there's no enemies,
"I sit and stare at my T.V.
And in my ignorance,
I'll be a slave and sycophant
were turned 

Meanwhile our little gem 
Is sleeping with sycophants 
But now and then we're joining in 
Tracking mud while blood letting 
or cries why? 

I'm sick of looking so sick I can't,
I'm sick of the sycophant,
Sick of listening so sick I can't,
I'm sick of the sycophant.

I see
risen sycophants, I close my eyes
And you were there with me, there with me, there with me again

She loves everybody she loves everyone
sycophant, a little s.o.b.
you say your mind is made up, isn't that the way that it's supposed to be
and it's a long way down
and it's a long, long way down

And by the no 
And by the yes 
Annie goes if you couldn't guess 

A simple man 
A sycophant 
Her elephant with the laughing call 
sycophant, a little s.o.b.

You say your mind is made up, isn't that the way that it's supposed to be
And it's a long way down
And it's a long, long way

Where the wealth's displayed
Thieves and sycophants parade
And where it's made,
The slaves will be taken
Some are treated well
In these
Conciliation breeds a fourth amendment funeral
With the paranoid seduced by circumstance
The sycophants withdrawing even further
the show begins
Blinding grinding, the undeniable
The centuries of sin

Supplier, medical child
Sycophant, restless and wild
Illusions, a timeless
the sycophants

I never laughed when I saw you dance
I never giggled at your elegance
Retrace your paces
Porous faces, come up aces
This, and you're ready
surrounds all your dreams
And it will take you to fears you never knew

Running sycophants all our limbs attaches us on as if we have no use
No use to let it
Demands of a million, now everyone needs him
Sycophants send him to the edge of reason
Everyone knows him, he knows himself better
Haunted by alpha, he
The fall of the sycophants...