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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Rot, rot for me, my darling, rot for me
So rot, rot for me, my darling, rot for me

I carved it in your chest so you'd
dismembered in your coffin
I'll dig you up just to kill you again

I will violate you
Rot - rot - rot
Blister - the flesh will fester, boils explode pus
Meine Lieblingsfarben sind alle Farben
Can you smell the rot?
As opportunity knocks.
The foul stench of success.

This carcass in decay,
Well past it's sell-by date.
This time
Lie alone.
Death will come to rot your soul.
Glories leaving you at the plow.
Rotten! to the core
To the core!

Rot rot, rot rot, rot
Rot rot, rot rot, rotten! rotten! rot!
To the core!!!
Like a big tasty lie

I've laid low
From now on
This is a joke
When he sees the skin rot on me
Play low
From now on
This is a joke
Can I see
Shake this ground well of hate
This is why I rot away
This is why I rot away today
Cause you wear this mistake that you make

That mostly that
The masses rot as they breathe, bathing in plague.
I cannot rest until I have killed the diseased.
The live may not rot.
Rotting is a privilege
Some thing's don't come naturally they're just stuck inside us we've got to squeeze to get it out don't just sit and let it rot no rot yeah things
tief in mich ein 
Zu schön, um wahr zu sein

Rot wie die Liebe 
Rot wie ein Rubin 
Ich verlier die Fassung 
Es zieht mich zu dir hin

Rot wie die
I shot Reagan, I shot Sadat
I'm gonna shot you dead in heaven you'll rot
You're gonna rot in heave, hear an angel's voice
You're too bad for hell,
The earth slowly rots into a malignant tumor
Breeding no life for the future of the world
In wake of a nuclear war bodies rise from the fractured
the parasites are excited when you're dead
eyes bulging, entering your head.
and all your thoughts, they rot.
god and satan they gamble when
Rot alone. destiny,
Killing the souls of lives at your feet.
Dead to its fight.
Hell as they said.
Killing the darkened rotting fate.
Fate. rot
untold stories

Cadavers rot
Cadavers rot hollowed

13 more corpses are found
13 miles exactly south
26 more to the north
2 stacks of 13 humans
Fuck you and your wars
They say they hear no more

Time of war, time to rot
Time of horror, time of sorrow
Time of killing, time of bleeding
Okay für dich Deutschland:
Danke Deutschland, wir dürfen wieder stolz sein
Ein Volk sein, Schwarz-Rot-Gold sein
Poldi hat die Treffer versenkt
it all started landslide
On the otherside
Of the sunset
Running out of time

I want to rot with you
I want to rot with you
When all the efforts are
Seven priests 
Seven hearts on which they feast 

Watch the gods take revenge 
Rot in hell for your sins 
Sacrifice, to the sky 
Terror strikes, you
This empty sky fills your empty mind.
And it's you, the fool, who thinks that I'll rot away.
When there's nothing to save you from this hell.
Do you feel the foul stench in the air? 
Like corpses left to rot in the sun 
Nearly dead parasites trying desperately to survive 
It smells like
Stetit puella
Rufa tunica
Si quis eam tetigit
Tunica crepuit
Heiß, heiß wie Blut
Heiß, heiß wie Blut

Es war die junge Maid

Rot I'm roten Kleid
in black 
White sound 
A day without substance 
A change of thought 
An atmosphere that rots with time 
Colors that flicker in water
Roaches eat
Worms breed
Roaches eat
Worms breed

Insects inside me

My shell rots
After consumption
My shell rots
After consumption

Insects inside