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to the earth's deep core
You'll be back in time fot tea
With a diamond to show me

Come run jump skip a long sam
A very happy man I am
To know you are well
To find help or become food
For the starving
Fot the young

They drew sticks to see who would
Get eaten first
And who would
Challenge the cold
Norrut längre fram vi drar, vi skola finna det svarta berget vårt lovade land riket underjord riket där ingen man satt sin fot

Underjorden skall
this candle
And I'm waiting fot the sacred son

the bond of holy
Living at the end of sanctuary
I never thought that tale's reality
You won't believe,
You're rymdens svarta djup

Fem fot svart stål han I sina nävar klämmer
En svart skugga från jordens djupaste hål
Långa öron och knivskarpa horn
I'll fly away
Leave your love to yesterday
What more can your love do fot me?
When will love be through with me?
Why live life from dream to dream
on breathing
Until I close my eyes
The last time it's beneath me

Fot the case all is past and gone
I'll keep my smile and carry on
Don't ask for more

Keep my
I woke up last night shaking from a dream
Fot in that dream I died
My wife rolled over and told me
That my life would be immortalized
Not in some
you see is full of life,
It's time fot tea and meet the wife

Somebody needs to know the time, glad that I'm here
Watching the skirts you start
would be this
Love and happiness fot you
And if I could only have one wish
Darling, then it would be this
Love and happiness for you
just regain his sight
[ Jeannie ]
Yes and I feel like you're holding me for the very first time
Fot the first time sweetheart we've seen the light
[ Both
a pray to the Lord fot the mercy, life, peace, health, salvation, the search, the leave and the forgiveness of the sins of God's children. The ones
love for somebody
A feeling I understand
And while I've fot this feeling
It's you, girl, you're so grand
And I'll love you girl just as strong
Call the ones you hate
You'd say I'm sorry but they'll have to wait
Fot the end of the world
Bye bye bye bye bye bye
Bless me father I must go away
To save us from the one's who don't believe
Confess me father I have sin but maybe
Angels really sing
Fot the man
Now I'm here at last on holy ground
To see the sacred places
Fot the first time in my life
I'm free without obligations

Smoke and fire blocks out
dypt vil skjære
Og aldri lege sår

Vi plantet vår fot og befridd oss fra lyset
Og ingen skal mere våke over de liv
But your still living life out lie
Now I can't wait fot the day that you will burn out
And fade away, woah
You'll burn out and fade away from
Everybody was there.
Amazes me how you can bring us all together.
Patience, you leave me here.

How can you expect me to thrive?
Patiently, oh I wait fot
Mästaren Aldhissla

Mästaren Aldhissla, Trollet som allting hör
Mästaren Aldhissla, Ondska som aldrig dör

Ingen man här satt sin fot, inga
We fight fot the Queen & country & we're back here again
We never say surrender butnow we
hand spelar terning i fakkelskin, ein fot trør i dans under ljost, mjukt lin; Dei er her, dine bortgløymde systrer og brør: Detter er noko do kjenner frå
the only one
Felt the time had come fot us to keep it real oh yeah
Catch me in apartment 5-4-3 yeah
Dial my number if you wanna just talk to me
999 in
ain't fot to see the sun again
Somebody say a prayer for me

If they kill me on Friday, bury me on Sunday
Mourn for me Monday
Then you gotta let me go, go
a meat wagon
Knowin' that tonight they'll be draggin'
Off motherfuckers to a six fot ditch
I hope ya insurance paid up bitch
'Cause tonight is