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øde ø som jeg,
Så tænker man på:

Roquefort og emmentaler,
Gorgonzola, jeg betaler
Hvad som helst for feta!
Brie eller camembert,
Hvad der lugter endnu
We know what the truth is
And where to lie
Oh, how I love her

Sliced apples, almond butter, and feta cheese
Let's feed the dogs
Quante bellesa 
Quanta energia 
Ai, qui ho diria
Feta malbé

Per ignorancia,per imprudencia 
Per inconsciencia I per mala llet

Jo que volia 
Que s'emmiralla el llit de tota cosa feta

Res no és mesquí
I tot ric com el vi I la galta colrada
I l'onada del mar sempre riu
Primavera d'hivern
the lifestyle get us
Stacking cheddar
Chopping feta
If you see my ex
Tell the bitch don't sweat us

How many girls you know
Rock lettuce like this
LV on my back
the lifestyle get us
Stacking cheddar
Chopping feta
If you see my ex
Tell the bitch don't sweat us

How many girls you know
Rock lettuce like this
LV on my back
Queens rock fatigue all weather
Fila three-quarter cream feet all leather
Never sing the blues, man my team mo' better
We blow cheddar, au four feta
Just to keep feta and stay dip
You need it like a letter or better a getaway whip
This old things rusted, encrusted as the gold rings the old
Straight killin em, boss bitch stuntin
These hoes crippled, not even in the runnin
Put out the feta so you know I ain’t frontin
They had
the dog, Read a book
Find three chinese recipes to cook
Learn to waltz, and speak maltese
Ferment to invent a better feta cheese
The highest they get is
nach Rhodos
Bloß Gott, weiß wo mein Weg endet
Mama, bald bin ich ne Legende
Frühstück mit Feta, flieg nach Kreta
Mit Micaela Schäfer, Im
mir Angus Beef, nur
Dank ein paar Sample-Beats von
Feta und Spiegeleier
Zu Fame wie Biene Maja
No days off, jeden Abend Familienfeier
Ich mach’ ’ne
that feta on my fingertips
I feel like I'm the goat
Locked in niggas, be locked in the fuckin' studio
She on my digits tryna plan a visit
Make it
Greek Feta?
Uh, not as such
Uh, Gorgonzola?


Paper Cramer?
Danish Bimbo?

Czech sheep's milk?
of the Xhamia
Pickled peppers at the picnic table
Feta cheese, perfect Flia
Straight outta Dukagjin
One of the illest places
No one's smiling
There's only
just like Kelly
But I want World Peace like Metta
Wait, count the cheese that's a feta
Yeah she lightskin when I'm redder
Wait, that's your bitch
Si tu échoues et que je pars avant toi
Prends mes sous, jette ton cartable
Et j'm'imagine en train de fé-ta
À 2.50 sur le droit chemin en
Boys in the Hood, bis heute liefs gut
Unser High & Hungrig Merchandise leuchtet im Club
Häng auf Kreta, Malaka mit Feta und Ouzo
Dreh mir ein Baba
a milly, spent it on a Rollie
Stackin' gouda, feta, chedda cheese 'n' ravioli

Or maybe fettuccine, dirty martini
Imma fuck yo bitch, call me Houdini
Lamb feta cheese sauce inside broccoli
Got that machine gun Kelly and it’s screamin' cock me

Everybody shut up (shut up)
Couple of them ready
lower back
Perhaps she swallows cum and sucks cock like a vacuum
Right? Right, I hit it on the mark
Cuban, I’m going off like a broken car alarm
L'écriture c'est pas innée
Dit au public qu'j'ai fé-ta
Baby je sais pas où j'suis né mais je sais que je mourrais quelque part
Ah nan certain me regarde
moins que ça
Ca re-ti comme à la Ciotat, ça fait des années que ça fe-ta
J'avale la prod comme un tricératops
Écarte tes putes et le tri sera top
Sheitan fait les feta
Fils, fils, fils, j'veux pas être dans le cota
J'fais la Vendetta, faut qu'les ventes te parlent
Loin d'tout ces connards, pouvoir
magique, fé-ta et magie
Brassens, Brel et Ferré c'est l'album de La Ligue
On a nos propres références
Les tiennes, on se les octroie
Ta philosophe de