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Cardin three-piece beneath my Noddy suit

Hip! hip! for machine gun, breve and rest
It beats out a rhythm in my chest
Crotchets in my belly
Turn my
Dotted crotchets usually divide by three
We don't really know now exactly what we mean,
Still we had the gist of it till the chords changed...
white body hanging from the gallows
Is more righteous than Hindley's crotchet lectures
Pain not penance, forget martyrs, remember victims
The weak die
ocean in the boat that you made

Been blowin' your horn, scarin' the spooks
No crotchets or quavers in your books
Gone sailin' all night, straight in
Thighs like water... runnin sore
Quaver in crotchet and key to the door

Him say D...E...S...T...R...O...Y
PIGSWILL fly with