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Critic, uncle fucking critic
Critic, uncle fucking critic
Critic, uncle fucking critic

You're always printing shit about me
You're still five years
You can dance if you want to, all the critics love you in New York
You don't have to keep the beat, they'll still think it's neat, in New York
Chasing til the afternoon 
Oh, I caught hatchet on Hiawatha Avenue 

Let the critics wonder 
Let the critics talk 
Don't the critics know
The critics are never kind
They thrive on the negative
They seldom give
Their praise or their thanks
And a word as ??
The critics are always blind
What is the musical topic, of the day?
Bebop so the critic's say, well that was OK!
Who were the originators, do you know?
Yardbird and Dizzy tell

The ball gets booted
It hits the crossbeam
Up goes the banner
"JOHN 3:16"

He don't worry 'bout the critics
They tow the line
He don't
a rainbow

Sometimes I take for granted the simple things
I can be his biggest critic when it starts to rain
But there's always a bigger picture I can't
Sick 'n' tired of critics
But I can take a hit
I'm all man
Alley oopin the vocal on jams
But they don't know it
They can blow it

and take a puff
And help me get this water clear 
All is calm and all is lost 
You call, you call, you call, you call me 


Critic, you're the critic
We'll cut an album right and if these critics want to fight I'll fight
Even though I got my hands tied
It makes my wrists so itchy and it's hard
to tell the local bands down at the bar that he's The Critic.

Yea, I can hook you up, I know everybody, in the business.
He flunked junior high band he
My style

Selling over a million records today. It has not changed my style. Wait till you hear my next record. Uh, maybe the critics won't like
Oh eh oh
They say that's
Out with the old
And in with the new
Let the kids stand tall
And the critics review
Don't talk down
Critic of the black and white it's your first night.
The Passion Play gets in the way - spoils your insight.
Tell me how the baby's made, how
making me
Baby, out of sadness there is pain
But your barrage of little lines is making me
Change now
Philosophers and critics of the play
We listen
and roll critic
Sucking like a super star
Slicker than a shoe-shine
Quicker than a two-time

Eddie what a thang you are
Eddie makes a damn good livin',
making me 
Baby, out of sadness there is pain 
But your barrage of little lines is making me 
Change now 
Philosophers and critics of the play 
Roq critic Kent Tucke believes that we're in the midst of a new creative flowering of Pop-Roq

Catchy guitar based music

He's leading off with
We even had a hit
Now the big wigs back in Nashville 
Say we better kick it up a bit
The critics all are waiting, 
To see what we will do
Have a much stronger appeal

The real American folksong is a rag
A mental jag
A rhythmic tonic for the chronic blues

The critics called it a "joke
speak my mind and I don't worry who,
Might disagree or what anyone might say

I don't listen to the critics
Believin' all their cynics
I don't need
We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
visionary works,
a gallery of insane genetic crossbreeding,
a gallery underestimated by the great art critics. 

Finding corpses is very easy,
when you
a beautiful tune
The kind that inspires and helps me get through
Ah, if I said I can't, he's say, "You can"
He was my toughest critic, ah, my biggest fan

The fragments ramble on 
Tales of broken souls 
An eternity's been won 
As critics scorn the thoughts 
And works of mortal man 
My eyes have