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Cynic Paradise [Bonus CD] (Pain) · Cynic (Kashmir) · The Boy vs. The Cynic (John Reuben)

the sake of pity 
Save the pistol 
Save the cynics tongue 
Save the cool white stare 
And treat me to an honest face sometime 

Amaze me now 

By social expectation

A cynic countersign
Erratic enterprise
A cynic countersign
A frantic exercise

Where does our vertex intersect
When does our
See the fight, old men crying, deny their ruin.
Watch them try. the cynic laughs at the optimist's closed eyes.
Darkness falls, curtain calls,
To hope is admittance
Feed before beginning
Double-sided cynics
Reflected image
Don't be so selfish
Leave in me this
Follow it far
To find
worry 'bout the cynics
They live to whine
He ain't gonna change the world
But he knows who can

Prime time football in the Buffalo snow
any good, when you`re stuck in the quagmire

Show everyone you`re not sure that they`re telling he truth
Then you can be known as the universal cynic
Be a C.Y.N.I.C.
Be a C.Y.N.I.C.

The profit margin blinds them,
They groomed and ostracised him,
His calm makes my blood boil,
His calm makes my
you will cross that line, without reflection
filthy and defined, information: dead to the nation

be	, manic, L, cynic, I, auto, N, matic, D
you're wearing?
Money's ugly confidence
You sacrificed the poem of your imagination
For these pounds and pence

Me, I take the cynic's role
Throw scorn
Enough a cynic to believe
Enough a cynic to believe

Confused enough to know direction
The sun eclipsed enough to shine
Be still enough to finally
A menace to society, a social disease

Rape of the mind is a social disorder
The cynics, the apathy one-upmanship order

Watching beginnings
of the same branch

The cynic bites his finger because he can't understand
The cynic bites his finger
Nightmares fill with light like the holiday
to make it into this cruel song.]

A cruel love, to rend the hoary veil
Of cynic, hatred of mankind, and scorn
Of all things virtuous, seeing there is
We turn around
Around in circles
Looking for an air shaft
The cynics told you it ceased to exist

Search inside your headache
Bring your
I'll fall for her again
To sit through countless
Minutes of countless cynics

I sure hope they got it right
Cynics and Christ-like hypocrites.
How they stick to you like glue.
Jealous and thoughtless lunatics.
How they stick to you like glue.
Truth is
you know?
Your point of view is worthless
'Cause you don't understand
There are so few things worse than
The cynic's hired hand

What would you
cynic, it's cynic
Still cynic, all my laughter
It's cynic, just manic
It's cynic, all her laughter

If there's anyone in, it soon will be over
We'll burn
We're not cynics, we just don't believe a word you say
We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
Mankind fears what eyes fail to conceive.
Unseen presence, within these walls.

The cynic will not acquire but the obedient marches on,
if we're all just cynics on the run
If we're all just cynics come undone

I was losing, now we're drawing
I'm not afraid to draw my blood
I'm not
know it's just me
The prize for the cynic comes due today
And I know it's for me

And when you get your bird a-flyin'
And your soul's left
even moving one inch

That's what keeps you alive
The thought of undeserved death
That's why cynics deep-sea dive
Just to watch someone healthy lose
asking himself, 
"Well what can I do, if she might show up I'm not waiting in vain" 
She's enigmatic, baffling, an erotic cynic,
A territory cold as ice
An endless empire with cynic desire
Born of a broken spell

Feeling like a guttersnipe standing in line
Deciding his