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      G              A         Bm 
	She used to love me a lot

Verse 3:(Half a tone higher)
     Cm                Bb               Cm
Pre>intro c#m be a be a be c#m

C#m e c#m e
The dark hand will call you out of nowhere it seems
C#m a e be
The black cloud will bust apart shattering
E                          G#m
Sometime's I feel that the world isn't mine
C#m                       F          B
It feeds on my hunger and tears
CM7/6   CM7     Dm7     Fdim
Pennies in a stream...

CM7      Am       Bb9
Falling leaves of sycamore...

Bm7-5     Fm7    C    Dm7    G
Pre>a lot of people helped with the lyrics, notably william wittman.
Thanks ww and everybody!

Intro: g#m c#m g#m c#m ebm g#m

G#m c#m g#m c#m ebm
Intro c#m a g#m (three times) then c#m
E be
I got a real wooden heart girl, sometimes it's hard to ignite it
E be c#m
I must have water for
Pre>(the backing vocals at the ends of the lines are sung twice)

Intro c#m a (twice)
C#m a
I got to break this armour, cutting off all the feeling
me-to my grave-
Cm G Bb G Bb Cm
Wonder what is wrong-wonder what can the trouble beâ?¦
F see Eb see Eb F
Wonder what is wrong-wonder what can
Be a e
And then nothing's gonna pull it apart
Be a e
Nothing's gonna pull it apart
G#m a be c#m
I heard it said to the con tra ry
A be e
But nothing's
Spoken by Claudia Marshall at 90.7 WFUN-FM with Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood

CM: Adam and Chris of Fountains of Wayne are with me here,
And the ship sets the sail
They've lived the tale
   C#m          F#m
To carry to the shore
A6               E
Big, big baka shell.
He's large about fifty three cm.
Big, big baka shell.
He came from Africa
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baka shell. 
And the ship sets the sail
They've lived the tale
   C#m          F#m
To carry to the shore
A6               E
December night
E d e d
No love left out on your front door step all gone and out of sight

C#m a c#m c#
I don't mind telling you what I'm going
Pre>intro: e a e a e

E a e
Buster turned round to me and said hey kid you must be joking
E a c#m
You got an attitude you think you're funny but
as if they mattered they mattered

C#m a c#m a
And I'm not gaining any ground here
C#m a f#m
No I'm not listening you do not care
G#m7 a g#m7 a
We are not
F7 Bb 
Sei que ao meu coração 
Só lhe resta escolher 
Os caminhos que a dor 
G7 Cm 
Sutilmente traçou para lhe aprisionar 
Pre>e be c#m a
Someday we will cross a bridge, someday we will see
E be c#m a
That I can lean on you and you can put your weight on me
A e a e g#m
A         B7      E      C#m
Oh let us now return His love,
B7           Bsus   B7    Bsus
Just let our voices ring
E         A/E      E
Oh let us feel His
we'll saddle up and rideChorus:(All together with the lead voice of Johnny Cash)                       G#m              C#m	And we're gonna ride,we're
Also Sprach Zarathustra
Proliferating across the earth
Pressure guilt
Grudge match
12 cm flak unit
Range 1 stroke 35

This is the spring without
Be g#m e f#
Take every, take every, take everything
Take every, take every, take everything

C#m e c#m f#
Don't tell me that you're above it,
DG - Debbie Gibson
CM - Craig McLachlan
CD - Debbie & Craig
() backing singers

[CM:] I got chills they're multiplyin'
And I'm losin' control
Intro: Em7 D B7 Em7
Em7 D B7
Sei que você fez os seus castelos
 Em7 D
E sonhou ser salva do dragão
 see Cm
Desilusão meu
D7 G B7 C Cm
G Em Em C C/D G G, D, G/D, D, A