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And for the ocean's summer sand
She just laid down to that scalpel
That was in the surgeon's hand

She got a boob job
She got a what?
A boob job, no, yeah?
Goodbye Rubberhead, so long boob!
Go and blow your inner-tube!
I got a brand new sugar cube
So, Goodbye Rubberhead, so long boob!

I told my
And it's time I came to terms with something plainly clear to you.

The boob fairy never came for me
No, the boob fairy never came for me
Okay, I'm
masturbatory amusement.
Nothing like paying for a four thousand
Dollar boob job on a third world slut
And have it ravaged by albino tigers.
While having
Bitterness Barbie, she ain't smiling
Bitterness Barbie, she ain't styling
Bitterness Barbie, boobs are sagging
What if I had a mastectomy?
Would they buy a one
Cookin' up a Snowshoe Barbeque

Building with an ice cube
Playing with my Rubik's boob
Cookin' up a Snowshoe Barbeque

Oh shit! What's that? It's
could steer!
Smack a grown man in the face so hard he's shed a few tears!


It was
a k-mart dress, now you're
Designed by dior
Oh my... you must be good for something
You're much to good for me

Porn imagination
Boobs on every station
me, I shouldn't take it hard
I know I should ignore their capering with a kingly disregard, but

Look at all those idiots
Ooh, look at all those boobs
When I'm watchin' TV
I'm a boob tube devotee

Think I'm losin' my sanity
I'm addicted to Regis and Kathie Lee
Forever I will always be
Glued to my TV
kiss her boobs 
And you kiss her boobs too 
An let your finger dash in 
Lights, camera, action 

I just want to tape you 
All night 
on the purple light
Begin flashin'
By removing' your fashion
And start tongue lashin'
Now girl kiss her boobs
And you kiss her boobs too
An let your finger
Good morning my love 
The skies are clearing up today 
Can I kiss you on the boob like I did yesterday? 

You let me in, you let me sin 
at mommy's boob
Call in the frickin' snipers
And just shoot me, baby

Stuff me in the cracks, Stuff me
In the toilet, sweetie, put me in the trash
But be
(don't you worry)
Just keep movin' boobs (keep movin' boobs)
'Cause you're the star (you're the star)
Everybody looking at you (said looking at you)
the morning!"
"I know, I gotta get there."

I used to date a girl that had one boob bigger than the other boob, and, uh, she got in a wet T-shirt contest, and,
pacify the nation

But then who would rely
On a boob such as I
I'll be anyone's twit
For a mouthful of tittie

And still that hunger will thrive
the VIP
My money can't fit in clips
I tell the hoes when they strip
That they can play with my clit

Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, lotta boobs
Something is lacking, I'm not attracting
My boobs are not as big as I want them to be
I want thirty six D

I'm not receiving enough affection
a star (so bright) 
The greatest number one (no lies) 
Full of dollars, playmates, cars 
Between boobs and clubs 

I was completely captured by 
from the wishing you well 
Not a boob or a bungle 
Just another butt to sniff 
Half our lives surmise 
For only you to decipher 
Our reasons are
Keep my mouth shut smile and wave 
With a fistful of luck this is a stickup 
So now you now the world is saved 
From lipstick boobs and babes
the skills but not the balls. 
My mouth to big, my boobs to small, 
I'm not supposed to like myself at all, 
So I guess I missed the point, 
I should have hate
See this girl in her make-believe world
Plastic boobs and clip-on curls
Round the pole see her big butt twirl
There are the dreams that do unfurl
They put it in the tabloids.
Got a look at Fergi's boobs, my my.
Honey, honey, yeah.

You know JFK didn't really die.
They got a picture and he looks all