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Come share my joy and listen to the first chapter of me Kat Deluna
GNB let the southern begin
9 lives ha ha ha ha ha
To the g

Intro: g repeated to get the rhythm

From china to chinatown new york to tokyo
030010 050030
See cadd9 em7
Upstate to down island from here
damn right]

[Chorus, Juelz Santana]
It's the home of 9-11, the place of the lost towers
We still banging, we never lost power, tell em
goods back
I rap for writers that pack strap to rhymers that backpack
To 25 to lifers that jack MAC
We movin' ratchets, no Kat Stacks, it's magic
The way
[intro solo: Durfy]

We're born in this world and we live our lives
For how long we do not know
We do what we can, we can do no more
Cause sooner
work Capone nine

We travel in pairs, you got the front, I watch the rear
Got money on my mind this year, by all means
Put an end
I live and die by my respect so I honor the code
Peep niggas who be out here flexing, stunting for hoes
And if you ain't never chose to remember
EL-P Speaking:

Is there anyone close.. by.. who can listen to this?
And who can see it.. plain as day
Look how it FALLS down
Falls down upon

Well it's the niggaz from 4-1-5
In Frisco we kick it live
The niggaz who make my nine
The playaz who took the time
To come with this funky
Intro: Nas and Large Professor
Yeah, it's Illmatic (yeah)
It's Illmatic (yeah!)
It's Illmatic, huh
(yeah kick that shit)

[LP] One time 4 your
[Intro Hussein Fatal]
And what ever it is then that's what is gonna be nigga
Hussein Fatal, the outlaw don, "Blood In My Eyes"
Shyea', Triple O
[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
I'm just a city guy living fly getting high
Live it till I die getting by, whipping by
Stand solidified big times to different sides
[Intro - Fat Joe talking]
Cool & Dre, uh
Terror Squad motherfuckers
They're all gonna laugh at ya, haha
They're all gonna laugh at ya
Racka (bung-bung) Racka (bung-bung) rrrrrrrrrrrrracka, motherfucker

[Billy Danze]
Aiyo we live by the code of the streets
Move wit our peeps
tell what he knows
Exposed to a life of crime since I was nine
Gettin' money by design, despite the time
Hustlin' to be a man and feed my fam
My wife, my
Kat. Heh, get that?
Cop Cris' by the six-pack, Range Rov?' Dot six that
Benz Coupe, drop six that

Buggy eye seven come out? Shit, took the six back
flashbacks, watch the mind travel like time tracks
I live in the hidden fortress protected by nuclear forces
I fly heads like a sorceress, rhyme trocherist
flonting, rae', it had to go down
Killers be coming for your neck, when you wearing a crown
4-5's and ak's, kids ready to spray
The cats got nine lives from
medallion flashin 

(Son, talk your jewels 'fore you jump in the pool) 

Aight, do', I stay blacked out by the leaf 

'cause I eat to live, not live
Mac play, quiet town, tie it down 
I supply it now, by the pound 
Might front you with a cube if you buy a pound 
If you didn't try it then, why
Pre>(struck by lightning)

She wants so many things (g. parker)
Capo 2

Intro: em / d/ a/ d (3 times)

G d a d
She wants so many things you can't
Let all the live niggas in 
Kick all the bitch ass niggas out 
We came to rock and shock the house 
Turn it out and out and out
murder in the lot
My nigga got popped with a bullet that was meant for me
The adapt by T's and be	's and the regencies
Fuck what the reason be, I'ma
Boys and girls

I remember in the 80's me and pops would rock
In a 7 0 chevy with the drops in slot
Use to pass me pepsi cola while
Boys and girls

I remember in the 80's me and pops would rock 
In a 7 0 Chevy with the drops in slot
Use to pass me Pepsi Cola while