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baby ooh 

Cause I'll be goin' boom like an 808... 


Ain't nobody can bang it like me 

Stack it like me, wouldn't like me 

[Hook Part 1 - Mr. GZus]
When you want to get this loot (right now)
When you want a Benz coupe (right now)
When you thug niggas gon' shoot (right
Now that I've established my career
I want to help some other brothers out here
Hook em up and let em make some dough
Flip Benz's and turn out shows
we don't coincide
3 different doors, choose your own fate
First ones death, don't go inside
Captivated by the grind, I'm a slave to it
Kill a nigga for
to the fullest cause the Greater One's in me [All riders]

[Chorus: repeat 17X]
All riders

[Prime Minister]
can't you see Him only by His grace [So can I]