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And see me clip a bag of them 5os off in my brithces shawty
I got my money right yep I been on the stretch shawty
6 days a week 23 and 1 in the crest
DVD?s clogged arteries and MP3?s, 
He?s got this antisocial mental brain disease. 
And I want to break him out, want to show him the world. 
[Movie Sample]
Information, information, information
I am the new number two..
Who is number one?
You are number six
I am not a number! I am
I'm an anarchist, no wait, I'm an Antichrist
Couldn't find a third six of my scalp so I used a knife
Scratched it in, I'm wasted, getting trashed
Chka-bang-bang, yo bust a slang wit my name
It's the Rem-D, on the six train

Sike, you muthafuckin' right, tonight's the night
To do what I
[Verse 1]
They say the top ain't acting funny
He ain't holla'd a day
He got the top back, you know his new Z28
Holla at ya (BOY!) with the 8 of us 8