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slob it too?
Of course I got the sauce to put on the barbecue
Well if tonight is tonight like Betty Wright
Can I see you as I dig you ? out of sight
Big ups to the peeps that kept the wheel turning, yo'
To my mellow, Curtis Mayfield
Mr. Marvin Gaye
Mr. Donnie Hathaway, uh
Betty Wright
Betty Wright is playing, no pain no gain
I did it for the hell of it
Hit it now you tell a bitch
Now she want a little bit, I did it for
a light
Image is nothing so I'ma drink me a Sprite
Tonight's the night
But my name ain't Betty Wright
It's Mr. Bones
And aggrivating hoes please leave me
to tell a story, ohh, baby!
Blood on the walls, street life

America's worst nightmare, ahead by light years
Hip hop's only shining star in the night's