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I consider myself a daredevil

It's 4AM
It's 4AM
It's 4AM
It.. it.. it.. it...

It's 4AM
It's 4AM
It's 4AM
It.. it.. it.. it...

only new places

2am and the taxi cabs are flying by
3am and the skyline is lower
4am and I just realised I'm in this room alone
And it's
screamed so loud
Until she was laughing
Well now there's no more reasons for her to cry
It was so late it was 4AM

I know, I know, I know, I
Oh, hey

It's almost 4am
And I'm all by myself
I'm wondering when you've been
And are you in love with
Someone else

It's such a fine affair
Running around till 4am with no answer from his phone
Well he always comes back
With his lips all chewed and cracked,
But that's ok, why would I complain
When I was on a mission to make it
Who used to sleep on the floor with you when you lived in the basement?
Who else got all the things you need at 4am
you lil suckers don't crack a peep go back to sleep
4am still slappin beats tap ya feet- yah it's hapaning
Your jumpin Turn it up it's bunpin! fire
everything I've been missing
The closest thing I had to that came in at 4AM and out at 8 for work
And I'm the reason we ain't made it work
That's what makes
hurry there's no time

I say let's work
But I'm the jerk who's late again
And they know well that I
Was up til 4am
This should be easier I guess
room at the 4am matinee and the phone...that was just noise. I mean noisier than noise should be. Not ear deafening, mind numbing, mentally crushing,
Presidential blowin in tha wind
At 4am tha eight at nine tuch down a beautiful play
In my neighboor hood so what now got one
O left you can snatch it 4
Worth fighting for
You met me deep in my despair to show me you
Would never leave me there you claimed
Be'Cause I was made for so much more
I am
sings that everybody song by rem
And here I am fighting fighting
Yes I'm fighting not to cry
And that's another reason
Why I ought to hate you like I do
heat can wear you down
But still I'm rollin' through
Did I see your figure in the haze

I am driven by a thirst
To quench myself of love
The sun beats
Fighting the silence of chosen sanctity
A choice I made alone
Am I misled by the selfish blinding need
My dreams all meet again
Once again
Once again
You know I wonder if they'll laugh when I am dead

Why am I fighting to live if I'm just living to fight?
Why am I trying to see when there
to outthink you with an army of words
I strategize
I am fighting for the love of my life

Fire and water oxygen
Scotch and soda or any combination
What I mean
When I say
I'm a fighting machine
I feel my spirit is rising
I was raised by a priest
I won't sell my soul to the
Darkness around me
I will
waiting for man to come
I am beautiful and clean
and so very very young
to be standing in the street
to be taken by someone
Questions questions
Complicated, got away by some mistake and now

I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
And it's two a.m. and I'm cursing your name
than I am holding your hand

I've seen people cryin' out for justice
I've seen people abandoned by the world
I've seen children whose eyes are so
wanting to be helped by binding ties
We've been fighting for the love of our lives

And when it breaks down, I beg you don't go.
A sinking ship, I
I'm not fighting
For justice
I am not fighting
For freedom
I am fighting
For my life
And another day
In the world here
I just do what I've been
You know I wonder if they'll laugh when I am dead

Why am I fighting to live if I 'm just living to fight?
Why am I trying to see when there
Forever fixed my soul
Curse by my side
Judgment in disguise

I am the war
Never disarmed
I am the war
Within my heart
I am the war