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the greatest

They all are so far behind
You can't duplicate one of a kind
Follow our lead into the spiral (Ahead of our time) [x3]

[Blaze Ya Dead
To give it to you plain and simple, 'cause you know it's played
Holla at 'em Doggy Dogg, go and do that thang (go ahead)
OK son, I'll tell ya like my
I'm the dead body creepin' through the streets on the East side
Took about 3 shots, victim of a homicide
Do a drive by in a second
Leave ya all
protected by the gat and St. Micheal 
Ralph Sten said money runs the country 
Make ya do some strange things when it's right in front ya 
I done see
Dead crosswords, puzzling your delf
(Get yourrrrrrrr headpiece strapped on tight) 
See, that's what I'm talkin bout
When you take the Johnny Blaze
you to follow me
Keep up [x8]
Running through the fire
Daring you to follow me
Running through the fire
Daring you to follow me

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie
dead they're not comin' back

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Death is imminent when you on the other end
With ya skull bein by the wrong side of the bull pit
come with a chrome y'all can makin' hoes pay the cost
Infrared to ya head full of lead yawkin' lames
You can betcha by the dollar that I'm spittin'
This crew don't feel pain, we Psychopathic, we can't be hurt, especially my dead homie Blaze. Tell me.....HOW THE HELL A DEAD MUTHAFUCKA GO'N DIE?!
the a day I lay the blaze
I was stuck in evil ways
In amaze
At the power that it could devour
Strip that O.G. from his reputation
In the late night hour
slide divertible, murder ya
Dead and gone never heard of ya
Now we stuffin' lead in the chrome, bout to hurt ya
Pack ya down in the earth, we put work
I blame it all on the people around me
It's because of them god never found me
Right?? (wrong)

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Before I hit the ground
of the bitchin' that you gave me girl
I'm all alone
Just me and my microphone
With the urge to do a drive-by
Ever since the day homie came back alive
"Throw ya
Lookin over the ledge about to plunge
Take a deep breath in my lungs
Here the street comes

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
This is it, my last step, my last crawl
you won't live long
Each word is damned 'cause there's a witch trapped in this song

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I get the fire every night burn her
Story getting older
Call me the coroner
Decaying, laying on the grim reaper's shoulder

[Verse 5 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Is it all in my head?
coming back
She was
She was something I'll never forget
I don't really miss her though
Now she's gone and never coming back

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
She was
and evil mind since '79
Now niggas want me to rewind,
On my way out nigga!

Chorus (along wid Syke)

Verse 3:

I know thugs that'll bury ya
I live in a drug
invertable slide divertable, murder ya
Dead and gone never heard of ya
Now we stuffin lead in the crome, bout to hurt ya
Pack ya down in the earth, we put
dead by the thoughts
Got my brain washed, fuckin' with my head
Break a sweat up in my bed
Dude, the nightmares got my body tense
But still I'm
the reason that I'm fly like the life of a bird
I don't care if you're dead, let god have ya
Cause I'ma stay rugged and raw like Marv Hagler