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I'm 2D
Won't you buy me
Piano chord
One two D three
One two D three
One two D three
One two D three

[Repeat: x8]

One two
to stay with my own kind

Help me lift you up, help me lift you up


So sorry if I can't stop pretending

So sorry if I don't let
what a show
Damn though 2D memory

There was sunlight in my eyesight 
When the words began to fade 
So I shifted into satellite 
And I pulled

Atari sight

Abrasive the static
The grain of pixel equation
Erase speed, and forced heat
In 2D

Atari sight

Out over the edge you’ll find
Bin ich ein Bild
Bin ich 2D
Bin ich aus Holz
Nur angelehnt
An die einzige Wahrheit und das Große
Dann ist es mir egal
Denn alles was wir
were Hannah Montana
Now you're licking things like Miley
You were cinematic
Now I made you a TV movie 
In 2D
So lose me
Coz you were better before
Ich renne los in meiner Pixelwelt von links nach rechts
Habe die 2D Brille auf, bis ich dich dann treff
Du bist perfekt. Springe mit dem Kopf
burn this disco to the ground and baby shake that booty.
I attack the track like a Steve Segal movie. 3D fresh, not 2D fruity.

Now that's fresh. Now