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RMX Crew

[Chorus: x2]
Money, hoes, cars and clothes
That's how all my niggaz know
Blowin dro, twenty-fo'
That's how all my niggaz roll

King of the South! Hey!
Westside of the A-Town, nigga you don't know no better nigga

[T.I. over Intro]
Hey, hey, Grand Hustle c'mon
a box of blow for no mo' then 24 down here
This is the season, for the zoe's round here
If you corner who you know you can get it for the low down here
Pumping out albums like reverend run is pumping out children; here's another one
Catch me on more 24's than Kiefer Sutherland.
I'm bound to be
with a dime piece
On my side when I ride I'm on 24's like T.I.
Definition of Mike Jones and the Swishahouse "We Fly"
I talk the talk and walk the walk
to you
But that's how much they are
So they're gonna use this shit just to get by

Is gold, diamonds helpin' ya?
Don't you like my bandana?
My stains