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[Chorus: x2]

I'm G'd up
Only follow the code of the streets
Live bad to die good
Know how to move when hustling by the days with no food
But just so I
out to Sac Town
You lookin' at a gangsta in his finest hour
Till they lock me up or rain on me lead showers

Even if I ain't got a watch on my wrist
One Two Three Four! 

The whiskers sticking out from underneath of his 
Pancake make-up 
And yet he was a beautiful lady 
Nearly drove you

Callin' house to house
Tryin' to figure out
Where could she be
She don't get up before me
And its damn near three
Its pouring down outside,
Jahlil on the beat, I'm a troublemaker
Going through paper, staplers
One foot in tatted like a sailor
Trying to find a bad bitch, Naughty by Nature
You stupid bitch get the fuck out my house grr

He's a meat doctor
Put her in the pot, made it hot then I chopped her
I was floatin' in the air,
a big fat meat loaf for yo ass
Bow down
Turn around
Go an clown if you like the way it sound
Beef killas
Wait a minute nigga why you
motherfuckas out there go for bad
That shit played out my brother
I ride by and gun done motherfuckers
Whether friend or foe bro
Steppin' on my toes, your
on the sheets
Awoken by the morning bird
We'd buy the Sunday newspapers
And never read a single word

People they ain't no good (x3)

Seasons came, seasons
get your uzi
And let's make a real movie
Play bad guy and good guy til the hood die
Toast why y'all cowards
Now I know the reason why Pac ain't
A respirator is what you'll be breathing through
And you got beef with who that you need toast
The closest you came to beef was meat loaf
When we pose with bats
to laugh
These niggas ain't eatin' meat, I beat 'em then leave
Taking them out for cheap, I'mma put that body up
Blood stains in the motel lobby, I'ma
voice commin out your trunk
Of your ride, don't take me for a sucker
You leavin unattended I'm a take the mutha fucker

2 to the D to the o-p-e
Hittin 03
means of life
Degenerate intermedial, slice words, sell it for half trife
Price sell out yourself that ain't nice (get outta here)
Shiest heads, get
shit was cool
Dipping dudes, go by a set of different rules
We obviously ain't got shit to lose, boys in the hood

I got the old 3 sitting on my neck
I'm going
Bad, bad, bad
I'm going
Feel me out now


This life I live
Ain't extra
No angels to
Stand next
ain't even here
I'm ready to get up and get all my own, but I got three more fuckin years
Nigga 15, with a big dream to make it on out this ghetto
[master p]
Damn, these niggas ain't come with that shit there man
Check this out

[master p]
See I'm a g on the grind 24/7
Don't give a damn if I
sometimes the culture contradicts how we live it
Cause every black kid lives two and three lives
The city's a jungle, only the strong will survive

kicks ain't shit, your whips ain't shit 

nigga, I'm the shit... 

[RZA] (Girl) 

What the fuck y'all birds talking about? 

Get the fuck out
six more velours draws feather skin
Hair cutted up hollering
Seven through 3 sixes know we hate a devil where your ? my dick
Can't stand the others
I seen him eatin dog food out of a can
He says, "I got to eat, when I can't afford meat
I barely can stand, on my own two feet"
I got a bad habit
Gold chain and some J's like Nas in Illmatic
I'm so real, I'm something to feel, peel fabric
My folks kill, they hunt every meal, meat cabbage
and the pioneers,
Driven by hunger, haunted by fears,
The Klondike miners and the forty niners,
Some wanted freedom and some wanted riches,
Some liked to loaf
One 44, two 45's
3 loaded clips, 4 n****s roll, one n**** drives
500 Benz, 6 reasons why
This kid should die
We shootin' every mother f***er