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Young and Warm and Wonderful
Tony Bennett
Written by Louis C. Singer and Hy Zaret

Peaked at # 23 in 1958

Young and warm and wonderful
This is how I learned it from a Time-Life Album in about 1958.

There's a little rosewood casket
Lying on a marble stand
And a packet of old love
Recorded by Gene Vincent on Capitol Records 1958
 Song written in 1957 by Bob Kelly BMI

I've got a bone to pick with this
scene began
Transparent faces from the old school
No-one to project them onto
He drives by 1958
And someone says his name
He waved out
replaced by a 1958 
Model T-bird Ford. Baby said where you want to go, I said I don't know, maybe 
Mexico anywhere where tequila flows is alright with me.
of cheap gasoline
I'm for sale by the side of the road going nowhere
Rusty old American dream

I rolled off the line in Detroit
Back in 1958
argue about things
you never thought you'd argue about in your whole life

Twenty-five years older
Ranger ain't here no more
Been replaced by a 1958
(By Tracey Bryn & David Motion)
(in loving memory of Marlon, 1958 - 1993)

There is somewhere in the sun where we can run all day
And when it's warm
Lyrics by Jerry Adler, music by Robert Allen
Popularized by Doris Day, summer 1958, Columbia Records.

Everybody loves a lover;
I'm a lover:
Shucks, fucker, enjoy the Alcatraz shower fun and Mommy's mad I'm cliche generation X agnostic fron. It ain't the nifty faith of 1958 before the new new
to move streets

Time Frame

Now or never power measured by violent terror
Allowing a sense of the vibe that ties it together
As clever interventors found
First bid for governor in 1958 by hedging on the
Race issue, against a man who spoke out against
Integration Wallace ran again in '62 as a