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her strange power
Beauty and death in union
She blossoms in the 13th hour

Hollow skull emotionless grin
Arcane tunnels sucking me in

You are the reason why I've reached perfection
You are the reason why I try to tend this fertile void
I'm a 13th century boy

to the bone 
You know I can't stop the train 
I gotta let it roll on 

No need to dream about it anymore 
'cause I found my dream lover on the 13th floor
A bloody Friday October 13th
Inquisition takes its course
King Philipp's armed force
Templars are blamed for conjuration
They are said to be heretics
(Intelligence the reason of their fall)

13th of October

Grandmaster Jacques De Molay
Burned at the stake at "Ile de la Cite"
A curse accompanying his last
watching walking talking dogs do karate
Oh, being chased by Chinese dragons

Through revolving doors, to the 13th floor
To be greeted by military rows
as before

13th moon
Awakening of the blessed sign
Now burning in the sky

The evil in the veins come to file
The darkness in my eyes avoids the light
bitten by frost?

I’ll drop a dime on you first
Commotion sickness with Dramamine pills
Commute my sentence to the 13th floor now
I’ll drop a dime
Of course I say, just the reverse
And we can't get past this

Something she did
On the 14th of June
Because of something I said
On the 13th of June
And we
lane 170
Into our dragon protector layout
And try some bitter tea
Bitter, bitter, bitter tea
Bitter, bitter, bitter tea

On the 13th day of the 5th lunar
we made,
A street serenade

You can't be like your brother and mike,
Content just to live and get by.
I hope that your fine,
At 13th and 9.
a alcoholic so you know I'm getting it right
Louis the 13th
Hennessy black when I'm thirsty
I like my liquor dark milk chocolate Hershey)
But first we
So let's hit the streets tonight
And I'll show you where I lost my job 
And where I got chased by cops
So we'll jump the fence at 13th and 10th
A true fuckin'' thug

Uptown solja, can't stop that 13th
Real, real niggas, we be chillen' off Valence Street
Uptown solja, can't stop that 13th
to deserve you?

I heard every word comin' from the 13th floor
Your song came along
And I heard the voices telling me to save yourself
I'll behave
You're the 13th one that's been here bringing Mary home
The video jukebox is playing Madonna
While just down the block at some local theater
They're grabbing their crotches at the 13th beheading
As the dead rise
the risen dead
This means God's turned his back on you
It's a Friday the 13th of course you won't live to see noon

I am a prophet of doom
I am the profit
To guide the risen dead
This means God’s turned his back on you
It’s a Friday 13th of course you won’t live to see noon

I am a prophet of doom

So now
You'll break my heart, rip it off, rip it off
You'll break my heart...
Gold, Friday 13th 2001, salt lake city
"How the events of the 13th century are 
Remembered today, and does it really have 
Any bearing on today society"

A country splintered by
Enemies and adversaries
They try and tear me down
You want me baby, I dare you
Try and tear me down

On August 13th, 1961
A wall was erected down
I was 13th at the table when the wine was passed around
Amid an air of suspicion my glance was meet with callous frowns
If I was superstitious I'd
doors of the 13th floor she prays
She says night fall gently on the weekend
When tempers are high and all those frustrations displayed

Pick up your
will fade away so I would appreciate,
Each moment of each day life's quick don't flip move slow your wrestling

Bottles of lou the 13th its Don P