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you'll die dancin'
Dark, gliding shapes that violate every law of nature
Buy 'em or die a thousand deaths

2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, boyz
put that on your toast, your coast and your state
I give you people what you like
What I look like in jail and can't get on the mic

Chorus x1 1/2
and my mercenaries, middle of south sudan
Carryin' babies bodies, long as I got two hands
Long as I got two feet, millions and my crew deep
We purge for
banksta'z) S.O.M. original (black banksta'z)
Wu Killa Beez, Sunzini, 12 O'Clock
Aiyo Knight, we bout to pop it off (John the Baptist, aiyo, we all)

Floor model is the foundation for your YouTubes
Model flows off of Fat Boys and Juice Crews
Melle Mel's, Ice-T's, and the 2 Cools
Add a Moe Dee
truly mock me 
But who can stop me, from breakin' niggaz off like Fujiyaki? 
My crew's probably the only niggaz that really live the lyrics 
Letting out air at a rate of 2 lbs per square inch
Per mile travelled
When the car is moving at 32 m.p.h.
And he picks up a hitch-hiker be	
Saw my man layin' dead on the floor, kid I swore
That our crew will live forever, I guess I was wrong
No, until we meet again,hold ya head and stay
clowning around, just rockin' the spot
And pay attention to the 12 inch cut
'cause DJ Roachclip's rippin' it up
Million rappers....Full of attitude...
Give it up we want to live it up [give it up]
Give it up for the most slept on since pepto bis when
time warner let go prince
Ridin by betta get yo
chillin and
Front on this and get dissed, motherfucker
Me and my crew, me and my crew we be chillin and
Front on this and get dissed

Ah one two
drags you into the light.

I've covered every inch of land in terribleness,
By leading a war on the silence before the storm.

Take the stillness out
thought we could stand 
Stepped out the back just in the knick of time 
Had to act quick with our lives on the line 
Bullets all around 1/2 my crew hit
about to sneak up on you and your crew
Ya know what I'm saying ayyo check 1-2
Ayyo masta killa I want you to put one up in 'em son
And show 'em you
you're lacking
Ah-yo check 1-2
I've got my mand that's about to sneak up on you and your crew

Ya know what I'm saying
Check 1-2
Aiyo Masta Killa I
the Outlawz
Bad Azz representin' the L.B.C. Crew
What you wanna do? 
You know how we do it

Time goes by
? puffin on lye
Hopin that it get me high
used to dumb on
Now they be the lovers of brothers that can't front on
Put me in the mix, LP 12-inch
SP, the elegant, poetic pestilence
will do these things, I won't stop bitch

I like to go to the club mix and mingle
Nigga plays his dick like a 12 inch single
Yeah, so what you
her eyes 
 The father of Christ, get a mere mortal 
 Blessin beer bottles by the dozen with Nore it's Brothers Thuggin 
 Chorus latter 1/2
like a drive-by
We could stack dough sky-high
Niggaz can't touch what they can't feel real recognize real
Crew love, Roc-A-Fella till we die
As long
South Bronx, New York
(evil laughter)

[Chorus: x3]
Is it live, live, live, live, live
(evil laughter)

[Verse one:]
I heard your CD is wack
Check it out y'all
Ch-ch-check it out y'all
Two, two Live Crew 
Two Li, two Li, two Li, two Live Crew
Fresh, fresh, fresh Kid Ice
Tre-treach Dee
of diamonds and well boss playas
Pushing big body as L V-12 we get the money

[Verse 2]
Killa cali where the gangbangers kill thugs stacking money
Make a mill
a hoodlum with a knife
You're hangin on the ave, chillin' with the crew
And everybody know what you've been through

Ah with the one two three, three
brunches, interviews by the pool
Considered a fool cause I dropped out of high school
Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood
And it's still all good