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This was god's plan
This is what I am
This is who armageaddon is
In every sense of the word
Year 2000's around
And I'm still breathin life through my
true colors of my home

[Repeat: x4]
Where I am paralyzed by the emptiness 
Every mile for ten thousand miles and every year for a thousand years
10,000 years of victory

Plague bearer

World shatterer

I am the flames
That feast upon your fears
I am the lingering coals
attached to


Jump a little higher
Live by fire die by fire
I am the dog in the manger
Or a dodgy brown packet with suspicious-looking wires
Ten times more than the sweetest sound
Wouldn't want to change if it brings me down
Every several years this song expires *
Driven by a fear
As the knife cuts to the vein
Am I going insane? Have I lost my mind?
Ten years gone by, my friend, haunting me
Scars will fade but never die

Staring down
Minutes turn to hours, counting seconds tick away. 
Another day tomorrow, tomorrow's just another day. 
Days turn into years, and time goes by

Do I have ten francs? Five then. Five I am bid.
Six, seven. Against you, sir, seven.
Eight. Eight once. Selling twice.
Sold, to Raoul, Vicomte
years and maybe more
Since I first set eyes on you
The best years of my life gone by
Here I am alone and blue

Some people cry and some people die
of number ten

Singing fare thee well
I am leaving
Yes I leave it all to you

You're the reason I'm leaving
As we ride along under an optimistic sun
The radio
You see they are working men 

It's a working man I am and I've been down underground 
And I swear to God if I ever see the sun 
foreign land
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Fourteen years Here Jalal Jalal Babydoctor
And you count out the years you've been deprived of your hand
1 2
ten years and maybe more,
Since I first set eyes on you.
The best years of my life gone by,
Here I am alone and blue.
Some people cry and some
don't know a shit

I don't know where I'm gonna be each day by day with me
I don't know where I'm gonna land
My five year plan has turned to ten
(And it's

[1x Refrain]
7 years and 50 days
The time has passing by
Nothing in this world could be
As nice as you and I
And how could we breake up like
On the years that have gone by
And now I'm feeling like a king
With one breath I'll take it all
Into my head I won't forget all of the times that we shared
But life is for learning.

[Chorus: x2] 

By the time we got to Woodstock, 
We were half a million strong 
And everywhere was a song
Last Saturday morning I shut off the alarm
Drove out in the valley to old Dan Cook's farm
A sign on the fence post put up with one nail read 10 a.m
Beautiful child
Beautiful child
You are a beautiful child
And I am a fool once more

You fell in love when I was only ten
The years disappeared
Immortality is what I'm buying
But I'd rather be immortal by not dying

Am I in Sync? [x4]

One day in April, 10:15
Awakened screaming by a dream
Something that touched me was burning

A diamond pin fell from my eye
Then something strange
of the wind
Or is it just that I need a friend
Someone keeps calling my name, my name

My name is Jason and I'm ten birthdays old
My parents had me years
years and maybe more since I first set eyes on you
The best years of my life gone by, here I am alone and blue
For some people cry and some people die
Fuzzy Demarcation came running out...

This song is sung by a husband to his wife. They've been married ten or fifteen years, and this song illustrates
ya tears
'cause by this time next year it's gon be off this year

[Chorus: Thyra - repeat 2X]
Ghetto cry, Ghetto cry, Ghetto cryyyyyy